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November 23, 2015 15:22:46 commented on Upcoming Content

October 05, 2015 18:18:51 commented on Situation Status: 02/10 – 7:45PM CEST

September 18, 2015 18:41:18 commented on Dive into a MMH7 journey

September 18, 2015 18:35:14 commented on Solmyr Bonus Map

September 11, 2015 21:24:33 commented on The Lost Tales of Axeoth

September 11, 2015 21:22:48 commented on Lost Tales - Q&A with Terry Ray

September 11, 2015 21:12:30 commented on The Griffin Dynasty, Part 2

September 07, 2015 20:54:12 commented on Beta is now over! Thank you again!

September 02, 2015 16:14:39 commented on Closed Beta extended until September 7th

August 24, 2015 18:37:43 commented on MMH7 Closed beta is coming!

August 14, 2015 18:23:17 commented on Skill: Shroud of Malassa

August 10, 2015 18:42:57 commented on Armies of the Abyss, Part 3

August 07, 2015 19:03:43 commented on Armies of the Abyss, Part 2

August 07, 2015 19:02:01 commented on Armies of the Abyss, Part 1

August 07, 2015 19:00:43 commented on MMH7 available on September 29th!

August 07, 2015 18:56:58 commented on Here Be Neutrals

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Vote for the Vampire design!

You chose: The Night Lady

Winner: The Blood Monster

Vote for the Lich design!

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Winner: The Priest of Death

Dungeon Townscreen Vote

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Collector's vote, Part 3

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Collector's Edition Vote, Part 2

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Winner: Deck of Tarot Cards

Sylvan Townscreen - Vote 2

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Winner: Harmony in the moonlight

Sylvan Townscreen - Vote 1

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Winner: The Tree Island

Vote for the Dungeon Line-Up! Part 2

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Winner: Malassa's Thousand Faces

Dungeon vs. Inferno

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Vote for the Collector's Edition Figurine!

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