The Mighty

Please hero, take a seat, for the nights are long and dark.

Let me introduce myself, I am Mark, stuck with this foolish name because I made some choices in the past. I wandered the worlds of Ashan quite a lot and even a veteran on the lands of Erathia. I always prefered to side with the netural Tatalians there. That name does not ring a bell to you? Other people call them 'swap inhabitants' or 'lizard folk'.....An interesting army it is. Ever saw gnolls (which I believe are human-wolf mixed creatures) fighting side by side with the Mighty gorgons? Those gorgons....how they spread fear in their enemies hearts, just wonderfull. However the tatalians were masters of death and poison, thus they did not had much to bring against the necromancers. Which is dead can't be poisoined, even though lizards are known to be feared archers....Skeletons just don't die by arrows. So they decided to side with the Erathians....which are mostly humans and that was where I came in.

But pardon me, I am wandering off in the past. What I am doing here you ask? Well. As you might have heard a war is coming....A darkness which is fairly unknown. How do you fight such an enemy. Is it weak versus light....fire....nature? we don't know.....So we are searching everything to face this unkown enemy. Haven militiary discipline from the Wolf Duchy, Brute forces from the stronghold, Ambushing tactics from the Sylvan warriors and yes....even the dark arts from the necromancers is considered.

I have taken a seat to this council, to make sure every possible aspect is considered....Weapons, armies, magic...It is all important. So does our strategic advances, positions and economical decisions. Although I am a knight devoted to the light, I see it as my duty to take part to this so-called 'Shadow council'. As a council man for the Wolf Duchy.

I have met many wise man and ladies. All with their own opinions....yes, they all carry wisdom and experience, even though those opinions are widely different. Ha, don't try to convince a dwarf that hiding in the forest is a solid strategy because they will proof it wrong by burning it down with their machines. Just like a marksman would tell you the crossbow is the best weapon to use, the minotaur will beg to differ.

We all have the best intentions, let us hope it brings us to the right decisions. We should both be going now. Bless you untill we meet......Perhaps at the shadow council?

Level 10

20985 xp


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