A Pixie is a spirit of nature born among flowers whose scent will remain with it throughout its life. The type of flower will determine the aspect, personality and powers of the Pixie. Pixies manifest as miniature, childish humanoids, no more than one foot in size. Elves enjoy the company of Pixies, and druids in particular are often attended by several of these puckish creatures.

Kaspar's Comment

“It is important to distinguish between Pixies born from wildflowers and those from gardens. The former are rough and solitary and tend to die quickly if they are captured or domesticated.”


Sprites have oddly coloured skin, hair and eyes, and they sport wings that look like a butterfly’s but are in fact leaves or petals from their associated flower. These wings allow them to fly with great velocity and skill. In combat, Sprites can also spread “Pixie Dust”, a form of pollen that causes the enemy to itch, sneeze and cough, preventing him from retaliating.

Kaspar's Comment

“Sprites are closely tied to the turning of the seasons; they are rare in winter and relatively numerous in spring and summer.”

No Retaliation

The switfness and small size of the Sprites make them impossible to retaliate.