Sporug The Guardian
October 01, 2015 19:13:00

I have already posted the question but this is the appropriate place: I fulfill all the requirements but the graphic card, my card is GT 520, so I'm planning to buy a GT 730. Do you think it will work?

October 01, 2015 11:15:43

Is there any way to make this run on Vista? The specs of my PC are fine to run it just don't have Win 7 yet.

LiIonKinG The Chivalrous
May 23, 2015 11:30:19

Требования, конечно, ппц высокие - прям как для шутера на последнем шейдере) У разрабов GeForce GTX 970 стояла - и то лаги были в стриме. Уверен, что еще оптимизируют - ведь даже бета-теста еще не было, надеюсь, что оптимизация будет не лишь бы как.

LuukajdaCS The Mad
May 17, 2015 11:59:39

System requirements are worthless for me, I know that it will run, but how it will run especially on my PC, I will have to wait for it.
MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro [i5 4210h, GTX 860m, 8GB DDR3 RAM].

Inquisitorius The Dark
May 13, 2015 13:59:00

Think it's too early to say if the requirements are too high. I'm pretty confident, that the devs will be able to optimize it until release. But for HoMM i find the specs quite demanding.

Mangofretchen The Mysterious
May 12, 2015 14:19:10

My laptop is from 2008 with good old win vista, intel centrino dual core 2,1 gb and 1 gb nvidia graphics and 4 gb ram...
Heroes 6 was no problem nevertheless, it worked pretty well even with max graphic details...
Let's see if it can get Heroes 7 too ;-)

May 11, 2015 22:50:56

Planned to buy a new rig last summer, but ends up saving it (cause after school wanna relocate myself)

So still playing on a comp which contain: E8400, 4gb ram, hd4890 OC, I was sad to hear I coudn't run H7 at minimum spec, because I Didn't feel this game look better than Heroes 6, And heroes 6 runs well.

So all in all, no heroes 7 for me now

AZz43589 The Mysterious
May 11, 2015 13:26:14

сколько ГБ будет требоваться для установки игры?

Ubi-MoshiMoshi The Mighty
May 11, 2015 18:07:36

Hi AZz43589, the hard drive space should be approximately 4-6 GB.

unico_caballero The Guardian
May 11, 2015 18:11:30

We will have news today ?

tprlynn The Guardian
May 10, 2015 16:02:48

I've got a ROG G75VW ill admit pricy when I bought it 3yrs ago but still runs everything today so yeah good laptops cost more but specs quoted aren't demanding as games advance the systems they require to run need to as well the min specs were standard low end 4yrs ago so if you haven't the power to run this you obviously haven't been playing anything new and don't use laptops as an excuse for low end requirements a good one can hold its own these days (IF YOU BUY CHEAP YOU GET CHEAP)

May 10, 2015 13:10:50

Будет ли поддержка мака?

Miks_ya The Ancient
May 10, 2015 13:14:26

конечно, мак, опиум, настойка полыни, спиды и многие другие психотропные вещества поддерживаются, разработчиками;-)

Mirash_ge The Dragon
May 10, 2015 13:19:56

version "Papaver somniferum" ? ))

Overlord6662015 The Faithful
May 12, 2015 16:21:24

mixerysA-и Эльфами!)

May 10, 2015 06:36:07

I hope to god they actually make a decent quality Ultra mode this time.

I have a gtx980, a 3770k@4.5ghz and 16gb ram...Heroes 6 may as well have been exclusively designed for laptopa with it's poor graphics.

guest-Rje384Hi The Mysterious
May 09, 2015 20:11:43

I knew that they're going to optimize game till final releaze. I'm glad to know that game will support laptop's mobile gpu's.

May 11, 2015 18:58:36

Yes, that is expected when an old graphics engine is reused. However, the main concern that developers (or whoever is assigned this type of responsibility, perhaps Ubi claimed it for themselves) seem not to understand how important it is to interact with gfx driver developers, otherwise you get what you got for MMH6. Driver updates that destroy the [ability to play the] game, even though the game itself hasn't even reached end-of-life.

May 09, 2015 19:27:33

I hope my graphics card and processor are up to the task, at least at the low end. Time will tell. I'm not going to pre order for this very reason. I'm going to wait until the final specs are out before I do anything.

May 08, 2015 19:52:47

Чет я так и не понял на Directx 10 (geforce gt 240) пойдет игра ???

May 11, 2015 16:19:25

Да, пойдет. У меня, кстати, такая же видеокарта. Надеюсь, что хотя бы на средних пойдет :)

Playdo456 The Magnificient
May 08, 2015 19:07:09

The H5 skill wheel on Celestial heaven is pretty darn interesting. I wonder if we'll get unique factions skills in H7.

SentosKarum The Treasure Hunter
May 08, 2015 14:47:33

I'm hoping this game is more forgiving on the low end, HoMM VI was the first game (I encountered) that flat-out refused to run because some specs (IIRC shaders ?) weren't met.

Frustating because much like this one I pre-ordered (and unlike this one signed and wrestled for Uplay just for it) and then had to wait for a new PC.
Which promptly revealed itself to have a faulty RAM when I first - finally - started VI on it. Fun! Nostalgia!

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