April 20, 2015 15:21:45

Wyngaal you do with Heroes 5 to 7

April 07, 2015 01:09:52

Wish I would have been here for the vote. Can't believe Phoenix's didn't win! The whole Nature's Balance line up would have been a nice exotic line up too, something different from typical elf stuff. Too bad we couldn't vote to add Phoenix's to this line up. The sorcerer's faction from heroes 2 is my all time favorite line up, its a shame we missed a chance to have something close again...

Csabie1993 The Guardian
March 31, 2015 14:34:43

Here is my list of the Sylvan units:

Core units:
Hunter/Master Hunter
Ferocious Tiger/White Tiger

Elite units:
Druid/Elder Druid
Nocturnal Deer/Moon Stag
Treant/Ancient Treant

Champion units:
Green Dragon/Emerald Dragon

(As far as I could see, the Emerald Dragon wont be able to fly, so it will goes as a tank and the phoenix as a flying unit, also Phoenix's are fuckin' marvelous)

StormSaber6 The Mysterious
April 02, 2015 11:33:24

Pretty good.

SU8-ZERO8 The Dark
July 03, 2015 13:52:51

какой феникс он чо зашитник леса я так не думаю )

March 14, 2015 13:51:13

champion units:
Green -/Emerald Dragon: Earth Immunity; Area attack (its breath hits more units infront of it) ; Earths strength( reduces damage it gets by 25%)
Treant/Ancient Treant: Entangling roots; Dryad protection; Enraging
About the Sylvan heroes i wannted to say that they have hopefully good def stats like in mmh5. Their army was perfectly balanced around attack and defense and this time pls don't let the Sylvan be too fragile.

Minastir The Guardian
April 08, 2015 23:27:34

I like your ideas :)

March 14, 2015 13:43:56

Druid/Elder Druid: (shooter), caster: Entangling roots, Bee swarm- damages and confuses the opponents, Lightning (like in heores 5 <3)
Moon Doe/ Sun Deer: Sun ray( with every attack the Deer has a chance to shortly blind the enemy, so that he can't retaliate) ; Shining euphory: every bordering friendly unit gets his moral risen and can't be lowered than 1. -> could be the mentioned supportive ability . Please let the deers have a bit more HP and Defense than the standard tier 6 creature.

March 14, 2015 13:34:30

Dryad/Oak Dryad: Symbiosis (can heal treants/ressurect them) ; Eatheral body (gets less damage from all kind of sources)
Pixy/Sprite: No enemy retaliation; Spray attack ( in an area infront of the creature all enemies get hit by the attack)
Elite Creatures:
Blade dancer/(maybe advanced version): Blade dance( hits all enemies around himself) ; Windblessing ( for every field he crosses the defense rises percentually) -> to offer them a bit of defense

March 14, 2015 13:24:05

Hey guys,

this is my first comment, but i'd have some ideas to make the best out of the situation, now that Fury won the voting. My biggest concerns about Sylvan is that they are too squishy and vulnerable towards magic damage and against too tanky tanky enemies( i look at you dungeon). Here some of my thoughts how the abilities and creatures could be adjusted:
Core Creatures:
Hunter/Master Hunter: Double Shot , Confusing Shot ( Each hit has a chance to reduce the enemies initiative/speed)

Tit4n0ss The Mighty
March 04, 2015 18:30:27

Вместо дриад сделать пегасов, вместо изумрудных драконов - золотых, вместо оленей - единорогов и всё было бы идеально!

Akademyclady The Mysterious
March 02, 2015 17:27:54

The blade dancer's improved part is missing.

February 28, 2015 21:33:59

В целом, лучший вариант из предоставленных, для идеала, вместо оленя, единорога обратно бы увидеть )
Еще смущает то что стрелки(охотники) в самом первом слоте находятся тут.Означает это что они станут первоуровневками или в данной таблице это не подразумевается ? Раньше весь кайф лесного союза был именно в убойных стрелках, если они станут слабее уровнем, на сколько сильно это ослабит фракцию

March 16, 2015 10:01:51

емае, ну что смущает то, тут не как в 5 или 3 герах, не 7 уровней существ, а 3... так что посмотрим как выйдет, вполне возможно что и не будут слабее, а если и будут то кол-во луков точно будет больше

Tit4n0ss The Mighty
February 24, 2015 19:54:42

Why not make pegasuses and unicorns and why these reindeer are doing here?Pixie and dryads are the same, it isn't interesting.

February 07, 2015 22:13:18

Btw why not gold dragon? Is there a particular reason of emerald dragon (lore-wise?)

February 07, 2015 22:30:43

Well I can't really say for sure, but closest to gold dragon would be Elrath in my mind(association with haven). For sylvan they got Sylanna with green/emerald dragons.

February 07, 2015 22:38:04

And regarding that I forgot to say that Elrath doesn't have really have representation/offspring as direct way as green dragons are for Sylanna. Elrath has angels for basically the same function instead of having golden dragons in Ashan.

Tulsalyn The Guardian
February 07, 2015 21:31:33

I tihnk its cool that they replaced Unicorn with Deer for change.

February 07, 2015 07:14:41

Dream lineup... HOMM5 Sylvan was always my favorite, I liked it even more than HOMM3 Rampart :)

lich666pro The Dark
February 06, 2015 21:08:44

что такое moon doe?Что это за существо?Олень?

February 06, 2015 21:14:04

Да, это олень.

lich666pro The Dark
February 07, 2015 21:09:58

Эльфы+олень это так модно нынче

February 09, 2015 09:01:59

Главное чтобы статы и абилки хорошими были. :)

Black_Weaver The Butcher
March 16, 2015 10:34:14

moon doe это лунная лань. Типа как тут:

lich666pro The Dark
February 06, 2015 20:06:12

А мне нравится подборка:)
Чот давно меня так подборки не радовали
Вот бы дриад сделали эльфоподобными как в 5 части

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