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Welcome to the Shadow Council,

way more than a simple website, your direct door to Might & Magic® Heroes VII development!

What is the Shadow Council?

Beyond the development of a new game, it is a real passion we would like to share with you all in the following months. Be prepared to discover all together the strengths, new features and insights of the next Might & Magic®  game: Might & Magic® Heroes VII.

Those who are following us for a while might already have recognized OpenDev demarche we launched with Might & Magic® X - Legacy, however, we want today to go even further.

Join us right away to obtain the latest news and exclusivities of the title, exchange with the dev team but also truly influence the game with impactful votes: starting right away with the Sylvan vs. Fortress vote!

More than ever, we want to work closely with you, be as transparent as possible and give you the floor. We know how ambitious this might sound but this isn’t our first try now and even if not everything might be perfect, we have the will to do the best all together!

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What can I do with the Shadow Council?

The Shadow Council give you the possibility to make your voice count, especially through different votes that will be proposed along the months but also the ability to comment and exchange on all website pages! Furthermore, you will be able to follow the progress of Might & Magic® Heroes VII game development, obtain insights about the upcoming features, the team and more, and way more!

How do I join the Shadow Council?

Everybody can join the Shadow Council, you just have to connect with your Uplay account or create a new one. Therefore, you will be able to participate to all votes or exchange with the rest of the community and the team.

This investment will also be rewarded as you are going to see in the following months, you will be able to customize your account, unlock achievements, avatars, titles etc. Other bonuses are to be expected but it is way too early to unveil them today…

Who is behind this website?

We are the Might & Magic® team, a tasty mix of Limbic Entertainement and Ubisoft team members who will keep you up to date of all development details and answer your questions. We will of course take the time to introduce ourselves in near future.

What is the story behind the Shadow Council?

In order to make the experience even more enjoyable and prepare ourselves to enter little by little into the experience of Might & Magic® Heroes VII, we decided to create not only a website. Indeed, you are now part of the Shadow Council, a mysterious assembly where heroes from all Ashan provinces are monitoring Ivan actions and trying to influence its decision. To do so, the council is chaired by the so-called Spy Master

Shadow Council articles will be splitted between the two tones:
  • Factual tone for all development related information
  • Role play tone for all universe and story articles.

What is the Shadow Council influence on the game?

Votes are a key feature of the Shadow Council and will offer a real impact on the game experience of Might & Magic® Heroes VII. Starting today, you have the possibility to vote for one of the main elements of any Might & Magic® Heroes game: the factions!

That’s not all; there are still many decisions to make where your inputs will make the difference. We don’t want to spoil your surprise but we strongly recommend you to check this website regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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What is the faction vote process?

Being a particularly important vote, the choice for factions will be opened during one month, leaving you the opportunity to change your opinion until the last day. It is possible that you opinion evolves along the weeks, because of us or thanks to others Shadow Council members…

In addition to all information about the two factions we are going to give you: more details about their lore, their warfare details etc. You will also be able to make other change their mind!
This is not a simple vote but a real electoral campaign!

Starting from now until the end of the vote, you will be able to send us your creations to make your favorite faction standout! If you want the dwarves to win, or the elves, prepare your best electoral speech, your best campaign video (the funniest, most convincing etc.), fanfics, fan arts and all you could think about!

We will share the best creations with the entire community: Be the change and proudly defend your faction!

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