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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Might & Magic® Heroes VII Website.

Within the next months, this will be the place where you can watch a great game grow. We will keep you updated about what’s going on, and you will be able to make your voice count!

A few links to guide you through the discovery of this website:
  • The first vote, Sylvan Vs. Fortress, is available right here
  • Go here to know more about Might & Magic® Heroes VII and the Might & Magic® Franchise
  • If you want more information about the Shadow Council follow this link and check out this article to discover the future of the website

Who are we?

We are the Might & Magic® Heroes VII development team. We are united by a shared love for the Might & Magic® franchise, and we’ve played the Might & Magic® Heroes series excessively, either as fans or as members of the previous titles’ dev teams. We are members of Ubisoft and the Development Studio Limbic Entertainment: Game Designers, Producers, Programmers, Graphic Artists, Level Designers, Marketers, Sound Designers, Game Testers. And there’s another thing we have in common: we all dreamt to make this game, and we will give everything to make it as good as we possibly can.

Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Limbic Photo
Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Ubisoft Photo
And by the way: all of us who are writing here are non-native speakers of English. So please bear with us, we’ll try to do our best!

That being said, let’s just add that we’re very happy to meet you here, and now let’s have some fun together!

the Might & Magic® Heroes VII Team

Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Key Art

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