The Wizards' armies, Elite Units 11/21/2014 | 1563 comments

Hello again, my fellow Shadow Councilors.

It is now time for us to review the Wizards’ elite forces…


There are conflicting accounts regarding Sar-Elam’s gender. The fact that Djinns can be either male or female perpetuates this ambiguity.

Djinn Channeler

To exist on the material plane Djinns are often bound to an object, such as a gem, ring, or lamp. When I was a Disciple, we used to joke that our Master Astral was hiding a Djinn in his turban. Amazingly, it turned out to be true!


Surprisingly, after the revolt of the Orcs and Beastmen, many Rakshasas chose to stay with their masters. Having more privileges – as well as being widely feared and respected – was among the main reasons of their unfailing loyalty.

Rakshasa Raja

It has to be said that many Rakshasas tend to be a bit full of themselves. Back when I was working in a hospice in Karthal, some egomaniac Rakshasas had even founded a cult dedicated to their own glory. Very typical of cats.


All students hope their Tour of Duty won’t offer anything more eventful than boring desert walks, magic carpet rides and blowing stuff up with spells for fun.


One of the big risks when young, excitable Wizards are brought to the battlefield is the fact they lack focus and have a tendency to hit their own allies with their spells. A dark joke says it’s the real reason why Constructs and Beastmen are sent to the frontline...

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