Skill: Shroud of Malassa 08/11/2015 | 937 comments

Hello Councillors,

Discover today the Faction skill of Dungeon: Shroud of Malassa!

"Through their dealings with the Dragon Goddess of Darkness, the Dark Elves and their allies have gained the ability to become ones with shadows, intangible and invisible, only revealing themselves when they are ready to strike."
  • Novice: Allied creatures receive the "Shrouded" buff at the beginning of each combat. It is permanent but gets removed after the creature performed an attack (not when retaliating). Shrouded: The creature can move through other creatures (allied and hostile) but not obstacles.
  • Expert: Shrouded: The creature gets +1 movement.
  • Master: Shrouded: The creature gets +20 luck and +5 attack on an attack (not when retaliating).

    All skill effects are cumulative!
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