Patch 1.7 notes 02/18/2016

Hello Heroes,

Today we're finally excited to be releasing not only the long awaited patch 1.7, but part one of our Lost tales of Axeoth campaign (dedicated article to come).

As always, downloading this new update is automatic on both Uplay and Steam. Should this for whatever reason not happen, please then make use of the Verify files feature on either platform, which should then start the download.

Full patch notes are available below but here are some highlights;

  • As previously announced, the level cap has been removed on Skirmish maps.
  • The main menu has been reworked to provide an easier user experience.
  • Several fixes to Artifacts.
  • A couple of adjustments have been made to the in-game camera, automatic height adjustment has been smoothed and some clipping issues have been fixed.
  • New key-bindings:
    • Browse towns with left and right key (works in town screens and all town pop up’s)
    • Toggle combat map grid with "G"
    • Escape can now be (re-)assigned as key-bind
  • Warfare Units now wait or skip turn, when pressing the wait or defend keys
  • Rendering on Wide-screen: Aspect ratio management has been improved in council hub, adventure and combat modes.
  • Mini-map Settings are now saved and UPlay names are now only displayed in online Multi-player matches
  • Several gameplay bugs have been fixed
  • Sylsai’s second starting skill has been improved to ‘Warcries’
  • Several balancing improvements
    • Diminishing returns - When the "Incapacitated" de-buff wears off, it applies the "Immune to Incapacitation" buff for two combat rounds.
    • A cap to the number of raised creatures for the Necromancy skill and the "Ghost Ride" ability. 
  • Multiplayer:
    • Improved connectivity of online game
    • Nat indicator now available in multiplayer lobby.
    • Out of sync when attacking an empty AI hero in sim turns.
    • Out of sync when surrendering in combat against AI hero.
    • General out of sync stability improvements.
    • The ability to connect to each other has been improved and a couple of implements to the Uplay-Overlay.
  • A new CM_Academy_Garden combat map has been added.
  • Editor:
    • Couple of fixes on the Combat Map
    • Duplicate and imprinted spells from all spell lists have been removed.
    • Fixed FPS drop when switching to underground surface and create combat map feature. (+several other fixes.)
    • New script Editor Condition "Has Resource Percentage"
    • +15% Saturation LUT to the Combat Map templates
    • BattleSite properties accessible in the Map Editor.

Patch 1.7 Full Patch Note


Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.7
Date: Feburary 18th, 2016
Version: 1.7 (rev 36046)
Release note: see below

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