Fortress Townscreen 07/21/2016

"Dwarf warrens are built in concentric rings around a central great hall. Main avenues run off in the cardinal directions, with smaller tunnels in between. Dwarf architecture also runs in three dimensions, with plenty of stairs, wells, galleries honeycombing the mountains under wich they live. 
In design, Dwarves are not fond of representational art, preferring instead geometric patterns. Their buildings, roads, and stairs are mostly built to be sturdy rather than pleasing to the eye. One decorative field the Dwarves do specialize in, however, is lava gardening. Most Dwarf families own centuries-old gardens of molten rock and carefully tended obsidian, cooled to precise specifications over the years."

It is now time to discover the Townscreen of the powerful and proud Dwarves of Grimhein!

This article only focuses on main buildings of the townscreen.

Core Creatures

  • (20) Shield Halls: Allows to recruit ShieldGuards.
  • (13) Blackbear Cages: Allows to recruit Blackbears.
  • (22) Kobold Warrens: Allows to recruit Kobold Pathfinders.
Elite Creatures

  • (6) Valkyrie Bonfire: Allows to recruit Valkyries.
  • (5) Runic Temple: Allows to recruit Rune Patriarchs.
  • (2) Magma Conflux: Allows to recruit Magma Elementals.
Champion Creatures

  • (1) Hearth of Einherjars: Allows to recruit Einherjars.
  • (17) Mountain of Fire: Allows to recruit Ardent Dragons.
Warfare Units

  • (11) Foundry: Allows to recruit Fire Cannons.
  • (12) Rune Temple: Allows to recruit Runestones.
  • (21) Armory: Allows to recruit Dwarven Ballistas.


Heroes Buildings

  • (3) Thieves Guild: Provides the town screen window to spy enemies and give overview of the game status.
  • (4) Fire Magic Amplifier: Fire magic spells cast by a hero (controlled by the town owning player) inside the town's area of control are cast on the next higher rank.
  • (8) Embassy: +20% chance for negotiations with neutral armies inside the town's AoC for the player's heroes (see Negotiation with Neutral Armies).
  • (9) Sacred Fire: Visiting heroes get the "Sacred Fire" buff, providing +2 Might and +5 Morale to friendly creatures for the next 3 battles.
  • (14) Town portal: Allows Heroes to be teleported to this town (only if it is the closet town and with dedicated spell.
  • (15) Magic Guild: Allows Allows Heroes to learn spells (4 levels).
  • (16) Hall of Heroes: Allows to recruit Heroes.
Resources Buildings

  • (9) Marketplace: Provides the town screen window to trade resources
  • (18) Furnace: Provides the town screen window to destroy common resources to get rare resources and gold.
  • Dwarven Treasury: At start of every week the player gains 10% of his current gold, but 20000 gold at maximum. This applies before all other gold income.

  • Advanced Defense: The town's walls, gate and towers have 30% more health points. During siege combats, 10 fire rune traps are placed on the combat grid.
Town Hall Upgrades

  • (7) Arkath's Eternal Flame: Provides 5000 gold / day and additional great bonuses
  • (10) Capitol: Raises the daily income to 4000 gold / day. There can be only one Capitol per player and per map