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Kaspar My, my, I wasn’t expecting to receive so many messages requesting more information regarding the denizens of Irollan. I believed these other creatures were already quite well-known, but evidently I was mistaken. So be it then! I am but this Shadow Council’s humble servant.

7. Hunters

In times of peace, the Hunters supply the Sylvan communities with food, and they are respected for their skills and prowess. Wandering Irollan, they live in harmony with Nature and its unwritten laws. They will never kill a living being without purpose. In times of war, however, they have no compunction about using their talents to strike down enemies from afar.

8. Druids

The druids are the priests of Sylanna, the Dragon-Goddess of Earth. As such they are granted control over the various powers of Nature, which they call upon in times of peril.

9. Blade Dancers

Elite among sylvan warriors, certain Elves dedicate their lives to the intricate Elven martial art known as the Battle Dance. Relying on evasion and quick action rather than resistance or brute force, Blade Dancers wear no armour, but often decorate their skin with magical protective paintings.

10. Unicorn

The Unicorns are magical beasts, considered by Elves to be the incarnation of Nature’s fertility. Legends say that when the world lay devastated by the Wars of Creation, the Unicorns undertook a great ride all over Ashan. Where their hooves touched the ground, the plant life instantly started to grow again. Only the noblest and purest of heroes are allowed to mount Unicorns, and Elves grimace at the notion that one of the Human Duchies uses this sacred animal as its emblem. Some Unicorn-riding Elves, known as the Sowers, regularly traverse areas devastated by war or natural disaster to aid in re-establishing the cycle of Life.

Unicorns are seen as totem animal for the whole of Irollan, and it is said that when the last Unicorn will die so will the Elven kingdom and its entire people. While the truth of this legend is not known, the Unicorns' shimmering auras do have the ability to shield their allies from hostile spells.

11. Treants

Treants are rare and exceptional forest spirits that appear as large, walking trees. Living embodiments of the force of Nature and growth, they are the protectors and shepherds of all trees, plants and flowers. They are born only on sacred soil deep within the forests of Irollan, near a Dragon vein or nexus attuned to the essence of Earth.

They are natural allies of the Elves and share a unique, symbiotic relationship with those who choose to be buried within their trunks and be reborn as Dryads.

12. Phoenix

The Phoenix is one of the most powerful spirits of Light. It embodies the primal life-force, indomitable, and ever-reborn. A young Phoenix is recognizable to its silvery feathers that scholars interpret as a sign that the Phoenix channels some of its Primordial powers from Asha herself. However, as it grows older and more powerful, the sacred bird loses its silver feathers and grows a golden and blazing plumage.

If a Phoenix dies in the material world, its spirit materialises again as a rejuvenated Phoenix, who moves with the zest and velocity of a shooting star. During this "rebirth" process, a part of its original power is instantly subsumed into the pure light. It is for this reason that, although this miracle is quite an amazing sight, it is something best viewed from a distance.

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