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Hello Councillors,

Welcome to the second part of this community Q&A! Today’s topic: Production.

First of all, what is Production? To make it short, the production is the area covering development follow-up and prioritization of the tasks. They are also in charge of game development project management but aren’t the one that decide how game features works which is the domain of Game Designers.

We are coming on step closer to the main dishes of this Q&A that will be the GameDesign article. Indeed, it seems that as Heroes fans you had many questions about game mechanics and our choices regarding this area. We are looking forward sharing our answers with you!

Some of those questions already were answered previously but it seems that information was unclear or incomplete.

1. Will you modify size of the Hero in the adventure map and creatures in combat?

This point could evolve until the very end of the development but we might tweak a little some of those elements to make them more coherent with the rest of the universe. Concerning creatures in combat map, they will keep their own existing tile number but the actual “scale” of those creatures might change within those boundaries.

2. Can I play offline with full game content?

As already mentioned previously, the game will only requires a one-time activation and then will be fully playable offline. Of course, if you want to play online multiplayer mode, you will need to be connected.

3. Will creatures have different animations, including funny ones?

You might have already discovered them in the Haven faction page but yes, all creatures will have special animations including idle and funny ones.

4. Will we be able to disable combat “cool-cams”? (Introduction fly-over, critical etc.)

You will be able to fully disable those effects but also to tweak their frequency of appearance if you prefer.

5. What about day/night and weather effects?

There won’t be day & night cycles in Heroes VII since the game is a turn based experience where you move to another day at the end of your turn. However, it is possible to select the tilt of the sun in the editor so you should be able to create night maps with special bonuses or handicaps in your map settings. Concerning weather effects, you will be able to enjoy for example some: snow, rain or sandstorm, however those ones won’t have direct impact on gameplay.

6. What was the hardest part of this development?

We think that this question should be answered regarding two aspects:
  • Philosophy: with Heroes VII, we really wanted to offer the best of Heroes experience, focusing on core gameplay strength of the series. To do so, our Game Designers spent months and months to identify what would be for H7 this magical recipe and how to really implement it in the game. 
  • Technology: definitely it would be the map editor. We have as any Heroes fans, huge expectations for this tool and we did our best to follow this vision. In addition to a great Heroes experience, the map editor is the one key to make the game live longer and longer.

7. Will Heroes 7 factions be as color-coded as Heroes 6 ones?

This was a particularly important feedback we received on the previoustitle and decided to design H7 creatures in order not to reproduce this. We hope we managed to reduce this feeling and offer diversity with Haven faction for instance.

8. Will there be Legacy Heroes in Heroes 7?


9. Will there be cinematics in Heroes 7?

There will be cinematics in H7 but they will have a complete different look & feel from the ones we had in Heroes 6.

10. Will there be a gamepad support for Heroes 7?

Not sure if it is a true question or not but unfortunately we have to say no for this request. This isn’t a priority for us at the moment since it would require a total rethink of the Heroes gameplay. We are foremost a PC title (and proud of that), and so the game is solely designed and optimized for the holy Mouse & Keyboard ;).

11. Will modders be able to create their own factions?

Extreme modding is something we want to support, but right now we don’t want to make any false promise. Hang in there!

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