Armies of the Abyss, Part 2 08/07/2015 | 2737 comments

KasparWell met, fellow Councillors.

Let's continue our review of the armies of Ygg-Chall by talking about their elite forces.


The Wrecker and Malassa are not mutually exclusive. After all, what lies in the heart of the ocean if not Darkness?

Medusa Sorceress

Medusa Sorceresses proved their worth against the Dwarves during the last years of the War under the Mountain.



Some say Striders are actually grown from the very blood of the Faceless. As if they weren’t creepy enough.


Most the time, Souless fight the Angels of Elrath, which is why the Soulless are especially efficient against the powers of the Light.


Most Dark Elves appreciate the Minotaurs’ strength and reliability and consider them valuable allies. But a few clans, notably the Soulscars, tend to see them as little more than slaves.

Minotaur Guard

Minotaurs often fight battles in gladiatorial arenas to prove their strength and impress future employers. 

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