Armies of the Abyss, Part 1 08/06/2015 | 1429 comments

KasparSalutations, my friends!

Despite being firmly on our side, I can sense our friend Jorgen's reluctance to share details about the military forces gathering into the darkest bowels of Ygg-Chall. Allow me to share what I know of the current forces fighting in the name of Malassa. To my knowledge, these creatures form the core of their armies.

Here, this dream shard will allow you to have a glimpse at these units' appearance.


A young Dark Elf needs to know several arts to survive in Ygg-Chall: magic, alchemy, swordplay… and of course, assassination.


Alchemy is the Dark Elves’ favourite hobby. Especially when it involves creating new sorts of poisons… 


Dark Elves fight dirty. Stalkers are a good reminder of that fact.


Trackers carry special crossbows, cut from the roots of a Treant, their trigger and mechanism forged from Shadowsteel. They shoot further, send quarrels truer, and inflict more grievous wounds than any regular bow or crossbow.


The Dark Elves were quick to realize the usefulness of these creatures to expand their subterranean empire, and have been using magic to force Troglodytes to do their bidding.


A legend claims Troglodytes keep on solidifying, eventually becoming pillars of living rock, fortifying the tunnels and burrows dug by their brethren. 

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