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Hello Councillors,

Two weeks ago you discovered the townscreen of the Stronghold faction, dangerous lair hidden in the desert inhabited by tribes of fierce warriors and beasts.

It is now time to explore it in details and explore their nest…

Please keep in mind that all visuals and elements are work in progress and this until the end of the development! This article only focus on main buildings of the townscreen but the game will offer more variety and options in final version so stay tuned!

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Core Creatures
  • (13) War Pavillon: Allows to recruit Crushers
  • (23) Fury Roost: Allows to recruit Furies
  • (20) Gnoll Hunting Shack: Allows to recruit Gnoll Hunters

Elite Creatures
  • (1) Centaur Outpost: Allows to recruit Centaur Marauders
  • (2) Wyver Nest: Allows to recruit Venomous Wyverns
  • (12) Basilisk's No Man's Land: Allows to recruit Basilisk Lancers

Champion Creatures
  • (16) Pillar of Rage: Allows to recruit Enraged Cyclops
  • (4) Behemoth Rift: Allows to recruit Ancient Behemoths

Warfare Units
  • (5) Dream Lodge: Allows to recruit some Warfare Units
  • ??


(non official segmentation :))

Heroes Buildings

  • (3) Hall of Heroes: Allows to recruit Heroes 
  • (21) Magic Guild: Allows Heroes to learn spells (4 levels) 
  • (7) House of Smalltalks: +X% chance for negotiations with neutral armies inside the town's Area of Control for the player's heroes
  • (15) Father Sky Totem: Increases the initial Battlerage charges by +X in the Area of Control of the town
  • (18) Altar of Broken Blades: Visiting heroes get +X Movement Point and +X Might until their next battle
  • (17) Idol of Fertility: Once a week you can select one town dwelling to instantly add its weekly growth rate as production
  • (8) Thieves Guild: Provides the town screen window to spy enemies and give overview of the game status 
  • (19) Town Portal: Allows Heroes to be teleported to this town (only if it is the closet town and with dedicated spell

Resources Buildings
  • (6) Marketplace: Provides the town screen window to trade resources 
  • (14) Deep Mine: Provides one unit of shadowsteel per day.
  • (9) Hall of Raiders: Produces X gold each time a battle is won.

  • Castle: Equips the town with walls and gates in siege combats. Equips the town with level 3 local guards
  • (11) Sky & Earth Totem: Provides the town with 3 towers in siege combats

Town Hall Upgrades
  • (10) Capitol: Raises the daily income to 4000 gold / day. There can be only one Capitol per player and per map
  • (22) Father Sky’s Furor: Provides 5000 gold / day and additional great bonuses
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