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[Official Statement] MMH7 - US Collector’s Edition


Please find Ubisoft’s official statement concerning Might & Magic Heroes VII - US Collector’s Edition.

[Important] How to report bugs


Please find a new status update to give you more visibility on upcoming patch but also a direct request from the team for additional inputs and logs.

Situation Status: 02/10 – 7:45PM CEST


Upcoming Patch and Cheat window activation process

Situation Status: 30/09 – 3PM CEST


For the past 24 hours the team have been working hard to identify solutions to the key issues preventing for instance some of you from launching the game or the editor.

Situation Status: 29/09 - 10:30 PM CEST


With this article, we would like to give you an overview of the current situation: the different elements we are working on and potential workarounds.

M&M Heroes VII now available!


The time has come Heroes... Might & Magic Heroes VII is now available on all supported platforms!

Day one Version - Release note


And here we are. Heroes 7 is now released into the wild and we hope you will enjoy it. We can’t wait to read your feedback!

Getting started with MMH7


We know most of you are veteran-heroes but please find here a quick getting started article