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CB2 - A word from the team


The Might & Magic Heroes VII team would like to share a few words regarding this new Beta phase !

CB2 - Readme


Please read this article for all information about the Closed Beta 2: Questions, Known Issues, How to report bugs etc.

Closed Beta 2 Now Available!


Today we are thrilled to announce that MMH7 Closed Beta 2 is now available on Steam & Uplay!

MMH7 Closed beta is coming!


MMH7 Beta 2 is fast approaching and we are preparing to provide you with the best possible experience on Wednesday!

The Spy Master: Jorgen


"Let me tell you some things about Jorgen, Duke Ivan’s Spy Master…"

Dungeon Townscreen


It is now time to discover the Townscreen of the Dungeon Faction in details!

Dungeon’s Hall of Heroes


Discover today the biography of some Dungeon Heroes you’ll be able to hire in the Hall of Heroes.

Dungeon Magic Heroes


Discover today the Magic Heroes of the Dungeon faction: Dark Prophet, Sorcerer & Shade Weaver.