Aurora_Creature Безумец
October 21, 2015 02:51:04

Mislives, я сам фанат тройки и пятерки. Начинал со 2-ой. 6-ую вообще с отторжением принял. Я пожалел, что потратил на нее тогда 500 рублей...в новогоднюю скидку. В полную цену я ее вовсе бы не стал покупать. Здесь же уже вижу улучшения...если не брать в счет оптимизацию, над ней действительно еще работать и работать. Я не могу поставить максимальные требования, хотя более жрущие новинки летают на ура.

October 16, 2015 04:16:19

Undead campaign is working now (with current patch), but you'll have to load a save file where you still have to complete the last quest (don't want to spoil too much for others, you know what I'm talking about). You need to hit that unseen switch again, it will work now. Or at least you can head till 4th map without problems. Don't know about possible problems beyond that point.

October 15, 2015 03:45:23

As I mentioned earlier, this campaign is buggy. I'm stuck in the same situation. Dungeon should work, though.

October 13, 2015 20:26:13

I am currently playing the Undead faction campaign, and I can't seems to finish the 2nd map. I completed all the quests. All my 3 heroes survived. What's next? Thanks in advance for the help.

October 11, 2015 18:54:15

no patch yet? im waiting and not buying the game until all balanced and at least most of the bugs are fixed.
hope it be here fast :-) beta was OK. few crashed here and there but not that bad at all!!!

Antarius90 Таинственный
October 11, 2015 20:21:43

me too

October 12, 2015 12:51:15

I have a feeling you will be waiting longer than this patch.

Antarius90 Таинственный
October 11, 2015 13:23:59

Many of us wanted a return to the old games, but now we complain about this. It is contradictory reading this site. Personally i like some "retro" things in Heroes VII (some cinematics, creatures) but i think other things must be improved to the 2015 technology (movement, designs, textures, IA, scale). Heroes VII have some elements that remind me Heroes 2 and 3. I think is so much better than Heroes 6 in this aspect
But...BUGS and more BUGS and poor optimization. And an a early release.

October 10, 2015 22:54:00

I don't know what TurnOver Popup shall be, but there's only one thing I'd even consider using the cheat for. And that would be a button to manually trigger events in campaigns. I experienced two campaigns now with broken triggers. Necromancer campaign (map 2) just doesn't trigger victory. I did everything, conquered everything, all is mine, every quest is green. Just seems like the game forgot to press a certain button...

October 10, 2015 04:40:16

You know i play this game for about 20 years, i love the game and i still play it with all the bugs, crashes and everything else, but i really hope the patch comes quickly because im about to abandon this game in the next days if something isnt done, please dont let the legend dies with this game, im in this game for 20 years of my life, thanks and im waitng for the patch!!!!!

October 09, 2015 16:39:44

I am currently playing the Dungeon faction campaign, and I can't get to finish the 2nd map because I can not go beyond the remparts to conquer the fort in the north. There are seemingly no portals or underground tunnels that gets you there. Is it a bug or am I missing something?

October 10, 2015 22:44:32

Since I have been able to finish the whole Dungeon campain (which seems to be the only one NOT broken!), you should be missing something. There is a path to the northern part. I think I know which map you're talking about. I as well found it late. But there is a way. Just clear the map, discover everything. With Town Portal up, you got time.

October 11, 2015 19:27:09

There is a gate to the underground on left side of acadamey city located in the middle of a map. It is quite hidden however :) and it took me quite a time to find it :)

October 12, 2015 17:41:34

Thanks guys! I will check it out

bogyvaly Маг
October 09, 2015 15:37:39

I just installed HOMM7 and I am very disappointed. The game have no real cinematic, the graphic quality is below poor and entire game looks like 90's :((((

Antarius90 Таинственный
October 11, 2015 13:27:56

Heroes 2 and 3 are 90´s and we love them. Why not now ? xD

pinguoui Великолепный
October 09, 2015 14:34:48

damned it's european affair

October 09, 2015 14:20:44

All my life I've been downloading games from torrents and homm 7 was the first game ever that I bought. And the last one, at least from Ubisoft.
Its the rawest game i've ever seen. I can't even load my saved game, need to wait around 30 minutes for every loading in Dungeon campaing. Do you guys think only about money? Here is example how it actually works: 2 of my friends wanted to buy it too, but now they won't do it because we were so pissed off of how this game works.. gl in your "bussiness"

October 10, 2015 12:38:36

guest-AfC9i92M ==> same with me!!!

October 09, 2015 03:42:30

Dear Ubisoft!

Can't wait for the technical patching, I've lost probably over 10h of due to crash/save issues.
But I didn't see AI mentioned. Are there upcoming AI improvements?
The AI is dumber than a rock sometimes. Magic hero with master of water throwing lightning bolts that do 10 % of a frost bolt damage, a wolf "stuck" behind a rock (Didn't know how to go around)

I've been playing since Heroes 2 & even with the technical issues, I'm still hoping for this to be another great Heroes.

October 08, 2015 04:09:58

Meanwhile, Nival continue to produce games with graphics that make a grown man cry. Miss these guys sooo much.

October 08, 2015 02:54:35

I want to know when the Ubi team will release the patch???
I dont had words to discrible this game =/

October 08, 2015 00:25:00

Man. This 50$ I didn't spend on this game feels so good in my pocket right now. I could probably eat a couple of good meals with it instead of feeling angry.

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