jan462011 Великолепный
June 27, 2015 19:24:56

Zdolności dyplomacji są całkiem fajne.

mandrazzz Разрушитель
June 16, 2015 08:16:52

After playing Beta it looks that Diplomacy have some unbalanced things, it's even OP if you use it smart, during the beta I was able to get more academy units that from Haven when I was playing Haven, 20 cuirassiers vs 53 Rakshasa Rajas and 5 Swordmasters vs 27 Simurgh not including eaker units (like 450 wolfs when I had only 130 of them...) and because I already have Gold Tongued skill (which in beta is in only Expert) these troops did not cost me anything...

mandrazzz Разрушитель
June 16, 2015 08:19:54

My suggestion:

Do not let bigger armies join your troops (if it's shows "low" it doesn't mean it's smaller), only small ones, remove skill which joins troops for free and rise the joining troops cost, I see no other way here, otherwise it's way to OP...

Quetzatoul Криган
June 16, 2015 08:26:37

Yeah, diplomacy has always been a bit of a gamebreaker skill.
Back in H3, during a Week Of where several creature stacks spawn all over the map, you could rake up hundreds of units, doubling, tripling or even quadroupling your army strength in a amtter of days.

September 02, 2015 00:04:07

Diplomacy the way it is does indeed seem very OP. Maybe just lower the tier bonus from +15% to 10 or even 5%? I was able to win within week two, just starting with diplomacy and literally "picking" up every unit that wanted to join me. Had a massive force when i stumbled upon my enemy and everything long before had become trivial. My hero never even returned home once. On a side note i experienced several random crashes during a long hot seat game. Other then that, i really like the game.

May 29, 2015 16:16:13

Preemptive strike seems too strong to me.

Nelarth Преданный
May 25, 2015 00:57:51

I feel as if a bunch of utility skills in this sections, and even others, are quite underpowered. People should have a hard time choosing where to spend the skill points to make the new skill system worth it.

Diplomacy has always been pretty underpowered compared to other skills, like economic or battle ones. Mainly because of the limited uses of secondary heroes. The defense akills are great, no changes needed, probably. Offense is good, but I have my doubts regarding Homeland...

MumuWarrior12 Бродяга
May 20, 2015 18:38:59

Interesting opportunities. Thank you. :)

May 17, 2015 20:58:34

very nice defens skills

PPfeiffer Кладоискатель
May 16, 2015 10:38:07

Perfect defense is a very nice option

Caliga667 Таинственный
May 15, 2015 20:48:19

Anyone else debating on doing an offensive AND diplomatic build?

May 25, 2015 05:44:15

Only if about "Necessary Alliance" in diplomatic ... this skill not for novice (imho)

May 15, 2015 18:12:59

Attack: Looks good and about what I would expect.
Defense: I love the retaliate before being attacked. It looks fun.
Diplomacy: I have never liked diplomacy in the past but there are a lot of very interesting skills this time. I honestly look forward to trying them out as it looks incredibly fun.
I really love seeing this stuff. Defense and diplomacy specifically seem more interesting than they usually end up so I am happy to see that.

xertaii Таинственный
May 14, 2015 14:37:45

for offense and defense, grand master skill seem weird to me : these skill are op fo magic heroes...
it was design to make low lvl creature strong, but its not realy optimal on might heroes. that why i dont like this skill.

for offence i think that novice skill are strong, but i dont like expert and master skill.
for defense, it seem ok, but preeventive stike could be a master skill at least.

it difficult to speak about diplomacy for now.....

Yan-Metely Маг
May 16, 2015 05:45:29

Preeventive Strike requires your unit to perform "denfence" command, which means this turn you cannot use any ability or move or attack.
For offense skill, we don't know how exactly flanking system work so the strength of Master Flanker is not predictable. Homeland does not seem like an "offensive skill" for me, it only activates within control area (basically it is actually defending).

May 13, 2015 13:37:24


May 13, 2015 12:56:34

Offence is ok, probably pretty useful, besides Homeland

Defence nothing special

Diplomacy hard to say, without seeing in actions how it works, but Adaptability & Amnesty - WTF, Suzerain - the biggest dissapointment, completly useless as for such a hard to get sklill; Neccesery Alliance, Silver-Tongued and Golden-Tongued - pretty cool and useful

May 13, 2015 12:44:25

You didn't go the hard way I see. Lack of time, money or what again stoped you from creating a little bit new skills. Those are mostly reused and seems terribly unbalanced

May 12, 2015 19:49:42

Town Protector- what about making it higher lvl spell and adding bigger bonus? Not many Town battles are with 1-3lvl heroes.

darlin43 Маг
May 12, 2015 00:10:03

Hey is really cool!! I cant wait for use this skills!

May 11, 2015 11:48:53

Great guys! I'm getting pumped for the Beta now!

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