Martin_939 Могучий
September 08, 2014 08:18:20

I Would like to have both in the game. Because i like the Sylvans and the Fortress!

September 09, 2014 02:47:15

I'd prefer to see the fortress come into play. The elves have been overplayed and always employ the same basics and therefore the same tactics. They'll have a focus on ranged fighters likely archers, units with good magic resistence, likely some units with have crowd - control abilities and an affinity for control based earth magics. making them overall very effective verse magic based enemies. they have been great to play in the past, but its time for some new blood n new tactics in the game.

Sandelphon Безумец
September 08, 2014 16:19:22

Only thing I ask is a really FAST AI (heroes 3 style). Plz developpers, just make a hot seat game (heroes 5/6) with 2 players, 2 AI and see how fucking long it takes for the ai to play. Heroes 3 => you pushed the "next turn" button, your next turn started immediatly (not 5 minutes later). We need this so badly for Heroes 7 !

September 09, 2014 17:47:50

I agree. H5 was awesome game, the only downsides it had were AI(way too long turns on adventure map) and the overall music(loved couple pieces, don't even notice or remember most as most were just plain). Games before h5 had way faster AI which lacked in battle, but it was way faster on map. I never understood why they made so complicated AI for the adventure-map on h5 at the cost of fast turns. In h6 it was improved much faster, but still it was just cheater rather than better AI on heroic -.-

September 11, 2014 18:49:45

heroes 3 was such a success because it had the most factions, campaigns and maps!! you could play it for years! they should improve on the old classics rather then play them down like they have been doing with the last ones!! all castles should be on the game: sylvan, dungeon, necropolis, inferno, heaven, academy, fortress and even swamp, dwarf, goblin and elemental as an option for the expansion pack!! think on what deserves being retained and do so!

September 08, 2014 00:01:13

anyone else just want hd heroes 3 with a new faction?

September 08, 2014 00:41:50

Change is not bad, it just needs care in implementing, and for all it's lauded qualities (and many of them really were outstanding), it was far from a perfect game.

September 08, 2014 16:51:12

I would definetly welcome same or almost same factions, dont understand why there is need to change this particular thing. We can minuswell put everything in the space where space monsters will be fighting each other in diferent universe. Part of HOMM legacy is exactly the factions and their creatures. I would however say that game mechanics deserve improvement (dont mix up improvement with replacement as it was in H6). Change is good only if you are fixing something that is broken.

September 09, 2014 02:48:51

I would up vote this a hundred million times, if it were possible, even if I had to sit here all week clicking that button!

September 09, 2014 18:25:22

No. Download the heroes III HD-mod if you're in need of better graphics. I'd rather see the series take leaps forwards, not backwards. I liked h3 back in the day, but now it just feels so outdated to me (too basic). Back when it came out it was improving little things from h2, but it wasn't taking any risks. Some people just got so stuck on h3 that they couldn't take anything different after that. Taking best of the games is good way to move forward, making remakes would be just going backwards.

September 09, 2014 18:27:44

Ironically I've read many posts here complain about h5 for example and while reading the comments I notice that many of those people never played the final product(tribes of the east). The original h5 wasn't very balanced, but they did a lot of work to fix and result was the most balanced heroes-game so far. The h4 also had it's fair share of problems, but it still wasn't a bad game. I actually liked the units of h4 a lot, the spell-system was great and best musics of the series in my ears.

September 09, 2014 18:31:37

Still all the games after h3 were taking the series forward all in their own aspects. It would be pure insanity in my eyes to go back. Even I had friends who complained about h4 and h5 without even trying them. Nowadays I have 0 friends who still play h3 and h4, couple who play h6 and close to dozen who play h5. I tried h3 few years back with the HD-mod again, but to me h3 is just nostalgia. For me it's not a viable option anymore.

September 10, 2014 16:43:15

@ ramborusina : I do not think that people want original mechanics of H3. I agree with you totally - that was improved and should be improved even further. Consider however WOG - those kind of improvements are totally missing. I believe that people simply love original factions, small variations are ok but further you go from original design more people will not recognise heroes game there.H4 and H6 are great examples. They messed up factions too much (or in case of H6 didnt include them at all)

GalaadleHaut Герой
September 11, 2014 11:20:19

Heroes 5 core mechanics, Heroes 3 graphics

September 05, 2014 20:52:35

Sylvan! Heroes will not be the same without Sylvan! They were created first so they should have stay. :D

Dwarfurious Свирепый
September 06, 2014 00:30:34

That sums up the crux of the whole vote.

GalaadleHaut Герой
September 07, 2014 23:42:26

The whole vote is not fair from the beginning, very predictable Sylvan would win, core faction from the series, fanbase for them is way bigger. Though I'm surprised dwarves got so much !

Dwarfurious Свирепый
September 08, 2014 02:51:15

Pretty much that, the yard that was watered the most grew the most, and now it will be watered some more for those reasons.

September 05, 2014 19:45:25

1. Все уже избранные Иваном союзники, это обитатели поверхности, а кто же будет прикрывать тылы? Пардон, низы? Ни один полководец в здравом уме не откажется от контроля тайных туннелей и переходов.
2. Гномы - это ведь целый мир, подземный, а разнообразие - залог интереса к любой игре.
3. Эльфы - это гламурно, красиво, томно и ... скучно! Гномы же, это брутально, мощно, бодро и весело!!!
4. Альянс - белые. Академия - синие, Непокорные - оранжевые, Некрополис - зеленые, Эльфы - зеленые (опять?)

Sanctuary_BD Тень
September 05, 2014 19:56:27

1. низы могут прикрывать ТЭ^^
3. вспомни гламурно-томно-красиво-скучных эльфов, например, из Ведьмака. по сравнению с ними, асхановские орки Чёрного Черепа милыми детями кажутся. конечно таких мы в Асхане не увидим, но всё же^^
4. Сильван - бирюзовые. или салатовые. цветов и оттенков масса^^

NI555 Тень
September 05, 2014 20:06:06

1.говорят,что в следующем голосовании будет выбор между ТЭ и демонами вот тебе и тылы.
2.согласен,но боюсь мы их не увидим(хотя кто знает)
3.смотря как еще эльфов покажут,может они станут брутальнееXD
4.ну некры скорее будут ядовито-зеленые(как показывают герои 6),а эльфы наверное изумрудные

September 05, 2014 18:28:19

Blade dancers, Satyrs, Wood Elves, Druids, Griffins, Unicorns,Dendroid and Fire Bird ( Phoenix )

Dwarfurious Свирепый
September 05, 2014 19:24:03

I think you're lost, Griffins will never side with the elves, they belong to the Holy Griffin Empire. And a phoenix? Seriously? in a FOREST? Its living fire, its a being of magic, not nature.

September 05, 2014 23:15:17

@ Strahinja10 Totaly agree. Also blue phoenix has no sense, that should have been Roc or Thunderbird in wizards / academy town. Also wolf in heaven does not belong there at all. We can minuswell put there also troglodyte or basilisk and make whole campaign about it so people would understand that it actually make sense (even if it does not). Puting any kind of animal to Castle / Knight faction is strange to me. This faction speciality is being human / believers. There is space for wolf elsewhere

urnus1 Разрушитель
September 05, 2014 23:16:07

Satyrs don't exist in this universe, griffens are haven troops, pheonix are neutral and don't fit in sylvan, and that just leaves unicorns, treants, and elves.

lupidoo10 Безумец
September 06, 2014 00:28:39

Look up Heroes 4 Sylvan & you guys will be surprised.

September 06, 2014 10:21:31

Dwarfie you just showed that you haven't even played all the games of the series. Griffins actually belong to sylvan, they are something humans/haven trained to fight in their army. Phonix is my all-time favourite unit and yes, it was also sylvan/nature in h4.

I've always loved wolf as unit and think it belongs to sylvan/nature. It is however a unit I can see fitting haven like griffins though I hope it will eventually return to nature.

Eternal13z Маг
September 07, 2014 09:05:46

No more Blade Dancers! They are horrible! Maybe earth spirits?

gasping Тень
September 11, 2014 00:56:23

Ok, I don't like the fact that the developers are completely removing to factions out of the game, and both are major (Fortress (most likely), and either Dungeon or Inferno). We had Dungeon and Inferno almost since the very beginning of Might and Magic, and completely removing one of these core factions will upset a lot of Might and Magic fans. I really hope that te developers change their minds regarding the exclusion of other factions in DLC content.

September 11, 2014 02:36:57

Eh I think the next voting is going to be a close one considering fortress is not making the cut if inferno does not make it my heart will break. :(

September 09, 2014 15:00:26

First of all...WOO-HOO, another "Heroes of Might and Magic" game! :-D I'm definitely on board to shape its development, since I've loved this series since "Heroes 2" (still my fave, though I like them all...yes, even the divisive "Heroes 4"!). ^_^

Anyway, I voted Sylvan, because they're an iconic faction that was sorely missed in "Heroes 6", along with the Academy.

I totally agree, however, that any Factions that lose the votes should eventually resurface later in add-ons or such! :-)

September 08, 2014 07:31:00

Elves all the way! I've loved the nature castles from all the heroes games. The Sorceress castles in 1 and 2 was the castle I played as the most. Then the Rampart in 3 (#BringBackTheGoldDragons) great faction. Then going to 4 where they brought the phoenix back to nature which was kinda cool. Then 5 with all different types of elves Archers, Druids, Blade Dancers that was super cool. And lastly when they didn't show up in Homm6 I was a bit mad. I'm glad that elves might be coming back in 7 VOTE!

September 08, 2014 00:19:54

Go Elves and please screw the non classic Faction: sanctuary was a terrible idea in the past

RosheNek Преданный
September 09, 2014 13:13:25

Sanctuary was a great idea. Terrible idea - keeping only old features from game to game without new additions.

September 09, 2014 17:59:38

Sanctuary was kinda the elf-faction of h6. It was based on the same game-play idea, but made into something new at the same time. I'm very mixed about the team as I do want to see new factions, but not at the expanse of the core-factions. On the plus side it felt like unique team, it used mythological creatures and it was quite fun to play with and it used water/ice element which is free. As expansion I would very much like to see them at some point re-newed(get rid of the kirin, hated the unit)

Nazerco Безумец
September 07, 2014 21:05:29

I'd love to see a game where every factions was in. Even though some had to join through expansion. But stil in the end if everyone was there i'd LOVE it.

September 07, 2014 14:17:09

after heroes 6 the next disappointment....no dwarves in heroes 7 :'(

September 07, 2014 14:00:38

I have a Question..... How long does it take to settle this Site for the community?
How many Guys are working here? Even one single Person could already host the Forum..... thats so sad.
I'm kinda loosing my trust in the new team, because nothing productive is happening here....

RobvD84 Безумец
September 07, 2014 20:34:47

Yeah i have already said this before. I find it really strange Ubi put up a site online that is unfinished. Next to that they give us informantion that is already rhere on the internet (ofcourse most of us are lazy to look it up) and is not new. At least they should have given us the chance to use the community of this site, or whatever they were planning to do with it.

September 07, 2014 21:06:56

I think this was just publicity stunt so people became aware of the game. They don't moderate forums here at all, not even by bots or key-word censor.

They update the site with one new topic every 2 days roughly, but I find it sad that some things are found only outside this site which is dedicated to share info. Good example to me would be full haven/academy unit chart which was hacked and leaked by some russian hacker around 3 weeks ago. You still can't see all troops on this sites charts...!

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