LightAvatarX Непоколебимый
April 18, 2015 03:15:24

I like the picture that the elf and the dwarf say"I want u",lol

February 14, 2015 14:15:49

I can not wait :D

November 08, 2014 01:00:56

Sylvans rule!!! But also fortress is a badass faction!! Defintly the dwarves should make through heroes VII!!

LightAvatarX Непоколебимый
October 07, 2014 20:33:03

At the last week,nothing changed.

v1adimirm Тень
October 03, 2014 07:49:03

Archers rule!!!

September 22, 2014 23:21:15

Gah, tree-lovers...bring back true FORTRESS, I want my gnolls back. Dwarfs and elves are over-used in my opinion, HOMM3 was quite original with many different varied factions, why can't they friggin take example from most successful HOMM game?!

Kimarous Великолепный
September 12, 2014 00:00:07

Aaaand time! Vote's done!

September 11, 2014 18:49:45

heroes 3 was such a success because it had the most factions, campaigns and maps!! you could play it for years! they should improve on the old classics rather then play them down like they have been doing with the last ones!! all castles should be on the game: sylvan, dungeon, necropolis, inferno, heaven, academy, fortress and even swamp, dwarf, goblin and elemental as an option for the expansion pack!! think on what deserves being retained and do so!

September 11, 2014 18:48:48

I hope that which ever faction wins has more variety in its units than H5 and H6 and by that I mean more like heroes 3, by that I mean you dont have to copy the designs from H3, but you should give us some more variety in the designs, both sylvian and fortress to me lack of originality. Fortress was literally all dwarfs except for those fire lizards, and sylvian is mainly just elves. In H3 there was just A dwarf and A elven creature, allowing much more original creatures.

September 11, 2014 06:13:28

i totally agree with gasping in what he said its terrible that the developers are removing factions i know that the developers from homm1,2,3 were 3D0 miss them so much, but ubisoft is just ridiculous with removing these core factions from the game all the factions should be in the base game i enjoy playing all of them.

September 11, 2014 18:22:07

3DO also created h4. Dwarves weren't core faction so it really comes down to a single core faction missing, be that dungeon or inferno depending the next vote.

gasping Тень
September 11, 2014 00:56:23

Ok, I don't like the fact that the developers are completely removing to factions out of the game, and both are major (Fortress (most likely), and either Dungeon or Inferno). We had Dungeon and Inferno almost since the very beginning of Might and Magic, and completely removing one of these core factions will upset a lot of Might and Magic fans. I really hope that te developers change their minds regarding the exclusion of other factions in DLC content.

September 11, 2014 02:36:57

Eh I think the next voting is going to be a close one considering fortress is not making the cut if inferno does not make it my heart will break. :(

ProMati31 Могучий
September 10, 2014 17:57:46

the question of who will be the next

September 10, 2014 23:49:34

Its been confirmed in an article by the developers that the next voting is dungeon vs inferno. Sanctuary can't be an option since they just had a major civil war since their political system lore wise sucks. Plus majority of the naga left the country. Going by the new story entry inferno can make sense on the council considering who is Ivan's informant about jezebeth's location its his great great great uncle kiril.

Sylv4n2005 Разрушитель
September 11, 2014 00:17:53

Cool, another easy choice! Dungeon it is.

September 11, 2014 02:35:57

You do know dungeon are dark elves right? Not the same as h3 they are completely different.

ProMati31 Могучий
September 10, 2014 17:56:59

pytanie kto będzie następny

September 10, 2014 17:16:56

It was already mentioned in an interview with Stephan Winter from Limbic, that the losing factions are NOT planned for any DLC. Erwan in the ING gameplay video also said that the fans have to choose and they can't have both factions. So that pretty much sums up the "I want all teh factions!!!" voices.
Then again, there were times when the developers changed their minds...

TB_Joker Тень
September 10, 2014 17:41:53

Ya this seems a little odd.......the last couple heroes games have had 2 or 3 different DLC's right? I guess H6 only had one additional faction in their DLC, which was kind of lame. Seems to me like if you are adding DLC to heroes it should have a new faction in it, lol. SO, if the next vote is between Inferno and Dungeon, and lets say Inferno wins, that means we wouldn't get Dwarf OR Dark Elf via DLC which would leave what, the Naga?

September 10, 2014 18:22:55

Indeed, Sanctuary seems to be the only logical option for a seventh faction right now. But you never know. Besides, even the basic four factions aren't finished yet, no work has even begun on the fifth and we don't even know what the sixth will be, so if we want to look further in the future, we may very well use a crystal ball or roll a dice.

September 10, 2014 15:18:50

They should add fortress faction and save a more popular faction for DLC or an expansion. I really want to see both Fortress and Sylvan factions. You can't have dwarves without elves and vice versa. I will be very disappointed if there are factions that don't make the cut either in the game or in dlc.

Petya3339 Разрушитель
September 10, 2014 14:28:25

I want to play Heroes VII with Sylvan. I wait tomorrow....

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