August 20, 2014 20:43:42

I've been following this website pretty much since launch and I'll be completely honest, I didn't expect a lot of updates or a lot of attention. I've been so far put to shame and blown away.
Keep doing awesome work, and please take care of HoMM7 for us. I'm now convinced it's in capable hands.

Dwarfurious Свирепый
August 20, 2014 21:03:22

Provided they add Fortress !

broui Древний
August 20, 2014 19:21:12

I recall living with 6 other guys one summer back in college. There was little to do but classes and partying. One of my roommates had MM1 and MM2 on his system. I skipped many a class working through those. When Heroes 1 came out I didn't make the immediate connection (from the box - hazy days) that MM and Heroes were connected.

Been hooked on both (for better and for worse) ever since.

I (and now my wife and kids) very much look forward to Heroes 7.

August 20, 2014 18:29:08

I hope that the 20 years anniversary will be awesome. :)

August 20, 2014 23:48:49

В героев играю с самой первой части. Эх... как же давно это было... Самые любимые части - 2,3 и 6.

Daurien Тень
November 04, 2014 04:07:34

I have played heroes 2,3,4 and 6 and I loved them all. I really enjoy how the games incorporate both strategic and tactical gameplay, and allows you to specialize your armies.

Royami-kun Преданный
August 27, 2014 05:05:13

Necropolis faction and town in Heroes V was so much Gothic an authentic! Its shapes were like death church was amazingly perfect! Please throw away that dead idea about pyramids architecture and egypt etc. It has not a half of charm from Heroes V necropolis with its tall and sharp towers! And yeah, made all cities in 3D! =)

Jiriki1234 Преданный
August 21, 2014 14:29:39

been with HoMM since H2, though I owned it only a LONG time later. Best experiences were:
-Hotseat in H3. That was simply awesome. When young, we used to spend hours,even on some birthdays, on hotseating heroes 3. (With all expansions, though we hardly ever played with conflux)Actually no later part of the saga so far has offered a better Hotseat experience to me.
-Campaign...H3 was awesome. Loved the non-linear storytelling! Edpecially loved the SoDh Campaign!!!

August 20, 2014 23:01:22

Heroes 2: The Succession Wars, demo map: Broken Alliance in a PC magazine CD, 1996. The colors won me, the resource management system made me stuck. I was 14 then, now I am a math teacher, still managing my castles, searching for fan-made maps..

ManioT Мародер
August 20, 2014 22:38:56

Heroes 3 was my first video game, I can remember watching as my dad played them)) It was 1999 and I was only 4 then.. Now I've almost done with video gaming but it seems like I will never get bothered by Heroes. Guys, I know you won't spoil VII. Please, try your best))

August 20, 2014 22:17:25

Ahhh, sweet memories coming back ;)
I started countless years ago with MM I on a 386er PC, after that, i was hooked with the roleplay series, best part of the series in my eyes 3-5.
Heroes 3 was the first strategic part óf the MM world and i've had not so much sleep in this time :D

slayersmir Таинственный
August 20, 2014 22:15:13

Моей первой игрой была Меч и Магия 8. Играла в 3, 5, 6 части героев. Пятые очень понравились. Люблю мир Асхана.

April 22, 2015 09:00:55

Окунулась в историю Героев, спасибо, интересно =)

November 04, 2014 04:35:59

I've played all the Heroes games from Heroes 2 onwards. My dad was the one who introduced my sister and I to it when we were very young, and we haven't stopped playing Heroes games since then, both together in hotseat mode and by ourselves in campaign mode. You know, my dad still has the original Heroes 2 disk. I've always been kind of (irrationally) proud of that since it shows how long my family has been playing the series (since before I was born!).

damianjcoles Преданный
October 11, 2014 14:10:04

The timeline did not include Heroes Chronicles.

Gnildryw Кладоискатель
October 11, 2014 13:58:28

It's nice to read all these anecdotes :)
I was first introduced to the franchise with Heroes IV by my much younger cousin (thank you, Thomas). We're both excited by all this and share new votes with each other in case the other missed it.

September 10, 2014 12:24:09

I started off with countless hours of Heroes III, mainly playing with friends throught hotseat.

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