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Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Spymaster's PortraitThe deliberations are now over. The result was pretty close this time around.

But the majority has spoken: I shall tell Ivan a story of the mysterious Dark Elves of Ygg-Chall. I think I know just the one he needs to hear.

For once, I must say I am… pleased by the result. Indeed, it will be much easier for me to tell a story of my own people.

Yes, I can now reveal I am indeed a child of Darkness, a Faceless. My true name is impossible to pronounce, but in the Human realms, I am known as Jorgen. Or more accurately… we are Jorgen, and Jorgen is one of us.

I don’t expect you to fully understand the meaning of that statement. In any case, I took the habit of referring to myself as one single being, as it makes things simpler around members of the other races. As Jorgen, I have been serving the Griffin dynasty for many centuries.

Not all of Ivan’s advisors are aware of my true nature though. I chose not to hide it from Murazel, as she would have seen through my disguise eventually anyway. The Angel took it better than I expected, although she does not completely trust my intentions – understandably. Anastasya and I are old acquaintances, and she knows first-hand that my commitment to the Griffin family is not a deception. And of course, Ivan knows.

Now you do too.

But who are we, this Shadow Council, if not faceless beings, stirring things from the shadows? I am Jorgen, and I am one of you.

Dungeon vs. Inferno

Status: Closed

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