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The time has come councillors,

After two weeks during which you valiantly fought to defend your choice, we are pleased to announce the winner of this Sylvan Line-up Vote! Again, thank you very much for your support and passion!

Without further ado, let's discover the final results of this vote and the name of our winner!

  1. SYLANNA'S FURY, 45,28%
(more information about those figures below)

Congratulations to Sylanna’s Fury armies for joining the adventure of Heroes VII!

Our team will now be able to start designing those creatures; we will offer you more details in the following months: this is only the beginning! Stay tuned!

Important information

Again, we would like to take the time to give you an update on the situation of this vote and the ones to come. As stated previously ( here), we identified irregularities in the vote process and decided to act in order to offer a true vision of the community opinion. Following numerous debates, we decided not to implement IP restriction at the moment since some countries only offer limited IP range, preventing potential thousand fans to express themselves.

Thus, we can propose you for next votes to hide results to limit the influence of the percentages going up or down and only disclose final results after counting (allowing us to take the time to verify duplicated votes, etc.). Do not hesitate to share with us your feedback on this particular topic in the comment section.

Furthermore, we received several requests from the community for transparency concerning the results and it seemed logical for us to access those requests.

Despite the duplicated votes, there weren’t at the end any changes in the final results as you can see below:

Your M&M team.
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