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Two factions are willing to share their experience with this council. Two factions that may have more to offer than anyone think. Only one can join us and the choice is yours councilors. Who do you think should tell us their story? For the moment, you seem to favor the Dark Elves of Ygg-Chall over the Demons of Sheogh.

Will Inferno defenders give up without a fight? They must have something interesting to contribute to Ivan's Council as well! If you think their story is more interesting to be told, defend your faction right now

Tell us in the comments your best arguments and we'll showcase some of our favorites and the one with the highest number of votes in a dedicated article next week! 

You can also share with us your best creations

Unleash your creativity and be the change!
  • Candidate interview (e.g.: Video, text interview etc.)
  • Fanart (e.g.: favorite creature, councilor etc.)
  • Fanfic (e.g.: Dungeon or Inferno campaigns, stories...)
  • Music (e.g.: Faction anthem) 
  • Cosplay (e.g.: Creature or councilor)
  • & more! (Sewing, smithy, choreography, web page…)
(Non-exhaustive list) 
Concerning format: 
  • Video (Youtube link)
  • Music (Youtube or Soundcloud link)
  • Art (Picture sharer platform or attached file etc.)

Make others change their minds!

The team will share your creations along the remaining weeks to give you the opportunity to make other councilors change their minds and finally give your faction the visibility it deserves!

The decision has not yet been reached so you can still influence the outcome of this vote! Be the voice of your faction!

How to?

ou can share your best creations in the comments, on our official Tumblr and via the email provided in the following picture (please include your Uplay username in the message :))

Do not hesitate to share your creations on all channels! 

Dungeon vs. Inferno
, it is your call! Good luck councilors!

Dungeon vs. Inferno

Status: Closed

you choose




you choose




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