January 20, 2016 23:47:20

I'm playing the elf campaign (already completed the others). Beat the third map, tell it to start next map, then it crashes and shuts down the game. Anyone got a fix for that?

January 22, 2016 03:13:09

-- You can try to fix the integrity game files: Uplay launcher: games -- «might and magic heroes VII» -- «game options» -- «saved files» -- «test files». If after this game stability is not restored, you can try a full reinstall of the game, starting primarily with the reinstallation of Uplay.

January 22, 2016 03:13:16

-- It is advisable not to use, saved files, and start over (or "continue" button, if the question about company).

January 19, 2016 18:05:49

Алё рарзрабы вы видели баги с артефактами???? стоит перетащить один арт на другой поменять( он либо вообще теряется или статы падают епта!!

January 19, 2016 18:37:40

Алё dark_clan -- вы видели множество постов на тему "баги с артефактами"????
-- смотрите в https://mmh7.ubi.com/ru/blog/post/view/the-lost-tales-of-axeoth-unity-available-february-2016

DarkruneDK Mroczny
January 16, 2016 19:19:50

Hopefully I don't have to start over in the Campagne as I had to last time I played... Quite annoying :-P

December 30, 2015 18:24:51

Any hero here have take the reward: artefact pack? hope this fix this too. artifacts disappear all when you click and move in the inventory

December 28, 2015 11:44:03

Still artifacts disappear if you try to attach or detach. In particular this happens if artifacts are locked e.g. final campaign for Iwan I lost the cape. Can this be fixed please!!! It is very annoying.

December 27, 2015 16:18:55

This game need much more fixes yet. Optimization sucks, R9 290@1100mhz, 4670k 4,5 ghz, 16GB Ram, SSD, my GPU all time on 100% used even in menu, this makes my GPU is loud and hot, sometimes I have drops to 35 fps :/ This game looks poorly but need better PC than witcher 3, this is sick.

Antalyan Pradawny
December 27, 2015 16:56:45

This game is not optimalized. This should be a priority, agree.

December 27, 2015 17:59:29


December 25, 2015 19:24:07

I cannot even launch this game... Have OS Windows 7, 64bits, 4xcore 3,33 GhZ, 16GB ram DDR3 and average graphic card, I can play witcher 3 on ultra details... and this fcking game wont start...

December 25, 2015 18:49:26

I have a problem in my multiplayer games with my friend. If we play together against bots and we defeat the first enemy champion the games freezes in a loading sequence. I hope u can fix this bug because of that its unplayable in multiplayer at the moment. I have Windows 7.

Nekromantor07 Wierny
December 19, 2015 11:33:20

This red tree look SO ANIMAZING!!! GOD JOB :D

December 24, 2015 22:35:57


December 19, 2015 00:39:08

Similarly to Achlabala, I too can play a multiplayer without experiencing the 'out of synch' issue; however, that's because now the game freezes or crashes-out altogether (seemingly at random).

Never built the top elite creature with any faction yet after many hours of gaming :-s

Fingers crossed for patch 1.7!

Achlabala Strażnik
December 14, 2015 09:30:33

I have to say being a little bit proud about the last patch.
I can play online multiplayer game without out of sync (since now)
Thats all i want it. Thank you for this patch.

The sounds sucks like always btw :D And the "Hit" sound is sooooo bad. But hey, i can play with my friends. Thats enough for me

Aramah Tajemniczy
December 20, 2015 19:35:33

Hi Achlabala, i still have issues play in online Multiplayer the suggested Checks by moshi to See if Port xyz is Open is ok but i does Not work still . Do you have a Suggestion or Should that be fixed with patch 1.6?
I am not a developer and feel the work arounds are quite challenging ;-(

December 13, 2015 12:17:30

After the 'inventory and skills save repairing' 1.6 patch:
Now if I am moving (or selling) items in the hero's inventory, my artifacts are randomly vanishing.
I don't know what to say...

December 11, 2015 08:34:39

Y'know, I was watching the Charmed reviews from Obscurus Lupa, and I realized... HOMM is a lot like Charmed now. Each time you think "this horrible mess cannot get any worse", Ubisoft surprises you by exceeding the expectations.
I never bought the game and only played a few levels before hitting uninstall, but still come back here from time to time to see how far in the sky the wreck of cars from this epic carpile accident rises. And wow, Patch 1.6. The sky is the limit!

December 11, 2015 08:34:55

In Hungary, the game got 25% discounted in a MONTH after its release. That's a first. Not even known terrible games like Ride to Hell Retribution got discounted THAT fast.
I just got to say, thanks Ubisoft. You managed to take my favourite franchise and made me completely uninterested in it. Not since Bethesda turned Fallout into a bullet-time Third Person Shooter did I get so completely turned off by a game.

December 11, 2015 08:35:02

So, I am back to pay Age of Wonders III and Mordheim - and come February, XCOM2. Y'know... GOOD turn based strategies. They exist still. Just not from these bloated, huge fat companies who think releasing the same Assassin's Creed game in different time periods 3 times per year is what people need.

Quirloo Tajemniczy
December 09, 2015 07:38:52

Well done again M&M Team. You're still delivering and I atleast have faith in this iteration of the franchise. Keep it up!

December 10, 2015 14:49:24

)) lol

December 08, 2015 19:37:03

Thank you for the continued effort and patches, I'm happy to be able to play single player again and welcome new maps. I don't understand everyone hating the skill wheel, it's the same level up system most heroes games had just visualized a lot better and randomness is an option instead of a requirement. V, IV, III, they all had tiered progression in a skill and all had "extra" benefit ones to pick from and V had the uber gift from racial. My opinion is a lot of people here are just stupid.

Stormhelico Tajemniczy
December 08, 2015 20:38:29

Sorry for being stupid :(
Seriously, people have their opinion, an opinion that has been written long time ago. You are a completely stupid if you think people complain about skillwheell because yes. I don't want to repeat it again (overall because I am stupid). Seach it if you want.

Sussugamon Doradca
December 10, 2015 16:44:25

*Stupidly hugs Stormhelic*

Sussugamon Doradca
December 10, 2015 16:45:08

*Stupidly wonders where the Edit button has been banished to*

Patenaudeluc Tajemniczy
December 08, 2015 19:19:29

So much for the announcement, now.
It is out now and, is definitely not a lie, that is for absolute certainty.
It is downloaded and installed auto. by myself + did the tutorial just for the heck of having fun at mocking it, since I'm a getting old of a veteran of the series + played 3 full skirmishes and scenarios since buying the game at the very start of the Fall season of this year(2015).

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