BeYo_OnD Pradawny
November 14, 2014 16:45:01

Sylvan's gonna look AWESOME!

November 14, 2014 15:52:09

Despite the fact that I voted for Dawn, I am glad that Moonlight won. It will be something new.

Tokusatsu Szalony
November 14, 2014 19:50:50

Ok, the Dawn don't won, but the Moonlight is very beautiful too... I'm not sad =D

Kaanzakin Obieżyświat
November 14, 2014 18:56:37

Combine the tree with moonlight and there you go; the perfect and mystic ambiance for elves :)

November 16, 2014 10:52:27

As I already said, some votings (like this one) are harmful for the game. Yes, moonlight is good looking, but so is Angelina Jolie. So why not to display her at the town screen?.. IMO night town screen doesn't fit to Sylvan. Heroes were great games because they had interesting and completed conception. And with such votings we run the risk to get a mix of popular "nice looking" crap instead of good game with interesting conception.

When will be the voting for changing the publisher of the game?

Cosadj Doradca
November 16, 2014 16:16:13

I think the dev wouldn't ask us to vote if they were'nt able to handle this option?
You goota be confident ! :P

JedynyHex Potężny
November 17, 2014 00:11:33

"When will be the voting for changing the publisher of the game?"
I guess they won't let us decide on this matter. :P

Stormhelico Tajemniczy
November 14, 2014 21:58:50

Congratulation to Moonlight voters!

ptrsc Pradawny
November 14, 2014 23:06:36

Thank you sir, you are too kind:)

Cosadj Doradca
November 14, 2014 20:18:13

I don't really understand dawn voters who are depressed about the outcome... I mean come on, this is just art.

It's easy to fit the line-up with this kind of choices. No one said they will be night gloomy elves, maybe they will be just festive (loats of bonfire and all and all) ! :D

Najakir Kreeganin
November 14, 2014 20:20:35

Yes, it won't change all the game...

November 14, 2014 21:55:59

Both possibilities for the townscreens and the atmosphere were great so no matter the outcome I would have been happy =) I hope that the moonlit Sylvan will be a beautiful new addition to the series!

RRick_CZ Triumfator
November 14, 2014 18:58:15

I think Tree island in the Moonlight will be really cool. But I still don´t get the Moon doe - Sun deer female to male upgrade. Why not make a regular Doe/Deer as a main unit, and Moon Doe being the upgrade ? Would make much more sense to me. Sun deers should be left for Haven Stag Dutchy ... but still, Sylvan looks very promising to me x)

CanWakhan Magiczny
November 14, 2014 16:01:52

"End of the Sylvan" - That's the name of tab on the top of a browser. It doesn't sound good, Ubi ;)

Such a good news that Moonlight is on. Hope they will make really marvelous work with this concept.

Kaanzakin Obieżyświat
November 14, 2014 16:00:36

At least cheaters stayed away from this vote.

November 28, 2014 22:31:23

to me the pictures that were voted for look a bit lifeless.. the atmosphere is like smth is dying out. don;t know how it will be manifested at the end. i prefer to have more colour, more light. it gives extra pleasure to play.
Moon is good as well, but it is important to make it feel fresh and that there is movement, life, magic all around. moon is all about visions and inner state/ mood/ emotions/ water. would be nice to have images of the stars and see them reflected in the water.

DeanMoriarty1 Magiczny
November 29, 2014 01:52:21

totally agree.
I imagine an archer that shoots starlight arrows that can cause Blindness spell.
Still, this theme has to be fresh and new, and keep at the same time the coherence with heroes series. Also, new characters, but it might be to late for that... It will depend on the art..

January 31, 2015 06:20:50

I totally agree with you. However, I believe that they can combine the tree and moon together. and make Sylvan creatures can dance under moonlight ^_^

November 15, 2014 08:28:17

Я считаю что ночной пейзаж очень красивый и привносит загадочность. Хотя в пятой части был фон рассвета тоже прекрасный.

Thranduilll Tajemniczy
November 14, 2014 18:31:56

Dear @Ubi-Nox and @Kimmundi,

Please tell developers to use the same tree-art presented above. It looks perfect! No need to change it!

Kaanzakin Obieżyświat
November 14, 2014 18:33:34

I agree, that is some good art :)

Kimarous Wspaniały
November 14, 2014 18:35:17

It's a very pretty piece, no denying that, but... where are the various creature shelters, magic guilds, resource buildings, etc.? I'm not against a similar piece, but from a practical standpoint, we DO need a "proper" townscreen.

Thranduilll Tajemniczy
November 14, 2014 18:40:04

I am happy to see that I am not the only one who likes it :-)

@Kimarous As I said - it's a tree-art but we can still change the environment :-)!

Playdo456 Wspaniały
November 16, 2014 07:39:07

I think we actually need both of them : when you're in townscreen, the more time passes, the darker it gets and lights pop-up everywhere for night until a new dawn rise. I think that would be a pretty awesome feature to have.

ciurga Niszczyciel
November 17, 2014 23:22:49


November 14, 2014 20:31:48

This is going to be awesome xD

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