LightAvatarX Nietykalny
November 22, 2014 18:34:22

NO,again cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zebster Mroczny
November 13, 2014 10:10:13

I can´t understand how it´s possible to cheat.
We login with our U-Play account and to duplicate that just to cheat is impressive.
It´s ok for me to ban all cheaters (we probably all hate them)

RRick_CZ Triumfator
November 12, 2014 14:06:04

Few things to do to make the polls more fair :


RRick_CZ Triumfator
November 12, 2014 14:12:20

Damn, why theres not an edit button .. nevermind.

- why hide the % ?
1. Because when people see their favourite option is loosing, they switch vote to their 2nd favourite option.
2. If the results stay hidden, cheating would not happen, or it would happen on all sides - % will not change that much

Next thing is to allow only 1 vote per IP. I know there are some players sharing their IP with others (family), but I think it´s not a big part of voters. Nothing would help more to stop the cheats

November 16, 2014 15:45:12

I think even with the percentage hidden, there might still be cheating. You know, just to be sure their option will win.

Quandrastorm Mroczny
November 11, 2014 11:07:21

Wasnt me

Elle-One Magiczny
November 09, 2014 18:30:22

Again? Really?

Just think about it. This is the first time that players have had that much influence over a Heroes game during creation - actually I can't name any game with this much player influence. Our behavior here will have an impact on future game development for Ubisoft. And honestly, with this much immature cheating going on, I wouldn't be surprised if they just called it a failure and moved on. Thanks a lot.

jeremy_hudson Tajemniczy
November 12, 2014 08:19:31

I expected tis to happen again. I really ticks me off that people rig the votes, but if they did it once then of course they will do it again. Any future vote will probrabyl be rigged as well. Because as long as people use multi acounts to rig votes, votes wont be fair.

muelkn Szalony
November 08, 2014 10:07:59

sorry, I don't get it. it is a game afterall. why do people try to cheat with lineups and design? I don't understand cheating ingame, even less cheating in the development stage.
As to preorder, I believe this is much too early. I for one need to get a better idea of the game to decide, if I really want to buy it. O.k., I am a bit biased since the HoMM series is my all-time favourite, but still it will be quite some money to put in and time to wait.

DimaR-A Wierny
November 07, 2014 22:09:41

One offer: Return to John Van Canghem!

November 07, 2014 16:51:14

Developers, please make filter that will only allow to vote to those who HAVE ANY COPY of hero of might and magic on their account (but only one voice per account) OR READY TO PAY RIGHT NOW AS A PREORDER WITHOUT POSSIBILITY TO RETURN MONEY (by rejecting preorder before game come out but after all the voting).
That will be fair and resolve problems with fake account and also give you profit and idea on how many of us ready to buy game.

November 07, 2014 17:35:46

filter to any might and magic? Some older versions cannot be registered and I personally do not want to have computer being filtered.

Also being ready to pay right now for a game that could be released even 12 months later from now- that is insane.

This is only voting for lineup, it is not a matter of life and death.

November 07, 2014 18:12:55

Your computers will not be "filtred", account which wish to vote would. And yes all my versions are not registered as well.
And not - letting to vote those who actually plan to skip the game - this is insane. If you not about to buy it why make it worse for those who ready to pay right now and have different opinion then yours?

November 07, 2014 18:33:10

I want to buy a game but:

1) want to wait for first reviews, impressions and how the game would work on its release- M&M: Heroes 6 was disaster in that, when released it was unlayable at first due to bugs and technical issues

2) I want to play this game in the future but currently my pc will rather not provide appropriate satisfaction because it is too weak- I am planning to buy a new one in the future. Buying this game now would make no sense in may case (later it can cost less)

November 08, 2014 16:37:22

You don`t have to play it, you just need to buy it, and play when you have time and PC. What if your PC wiil not be good at all, and when it will be good enough you say "this game is already too old and it got a bad reviews because there was too many elves and too little strategy".
Technical issues will go away with patches and overall you saying "well I think I probably will not buy the game, but I will say my word how it should be for you to play. Me? Or my PC is weak, review, moon eclipsebla"

November 08, 2014 19:21:14

considering that I am playing games 10- 20 years old, I doubt I will complain and refuse to buy modern game 1 or 2 years after its release ;)

If game will be playable after the patches than it is even better to buy it when all the patches are done, all implemented already.

What is more, number of patches means that game itself is weak, not worth buying due to the lack of respect on producers side. I can understand balance patches but not technical- with them game has flaws in its core

November 08, 2014 19:26:41

I prefer to buy games to play them- especially that once or more I was disappointed by game when I buy it because I entrsted the producer or the series.

Preorder should give special benefits- figures, special fonts, achievements, colours and others extras. I do not think that voting is worth preorder. Ubi does not need special funds or kickstarter model to produce games so do not see also to buy game earlier.

November 08, 2014 19:36:30

As many people who love M&M, I want the game to be the best- on its success depends the whole series, next games and the lore, the story behind them. Even if I will have no possibility to play it at once I am still interested to play it later- cause the lore, lineups will be the same. And even if I will not have possibility to play it, it does not mean that I will not play next Heroes games.

November 08, 2014 19:41:04

There are more mportant things to spend money on than game that I will not play and will not know it is good

And to spend so much time on commenting, reading posts and so just to troll everyone and to ruin the game (although all options are good, we just suit the ones that we prefer)- that is insane. I really doubt that someone not interested in M&M registered and is spending every day to manipulate votes :)

November 09, 2014 10:39:18

The problem is you agreed that you can skip this game and play next for example. Then why hundreds of people like you shape the form of the game if they don`t plan to buy it? This voting would be more sane if only people actually interested in buying this game could vote. Not those who just like argue or troll, or know the series just from 1-2 last games. Even if you personally is not the case.

November 09, 2014 18:11:21

Let say it clearly- all people involved in voting are interested in buying it.

Insane is buying now a game that you will not play even within a year and without any guarantee that your money will not be wasted due to the fact that game is not just as good as it should be- here as example can serve M&M: Heroes 6.

Release can be delayed- like in case of M&M: Heroes 6. Even 6 months or more.

November 09, 2014 18:20:28

As I have written, I am planning to buy this game- but it is not must for me cause within a year can change a lot and maybe I will have some other issues on my mind. Or maybe not :D

Without technological requirements I cannot state that my pc will handle it. I can upgrade it but the later I will do it, the more advanced it will be.

All in all, I want to buy this game and will do it if nth happen. But I am not interested in buying a game that is not yet finished- as most of us, I assume

November 09, 2014 18:40:38

The irony of h6 is that it actually did get pushed back... It was originally gonna be released half a year before the "real/actual" date it came out. The game was a total skeleton back then and Blackhole managed to get some extra time so it was released before christmas. I can only imagine in what kinda state it would've come out if the original release date had hold... I would have never ever bought another game made by ubi if such thing had happened considering I Had the game pre-ordered -.-

Lexen_Rapier Mroczny
November 07, 2014 16:29:04

This is a real shame.

I really feel invested in this voting stuff as a pre-game incentive to build interest. (Originally I had planned to wait on MMH7, but now I'll probably want a collectors edition instead).

It's sad that some people go to such lengths to try to ruin things. I hope they can sort it all out so we can get on with the fun parts.

November 07, 2014 22:12:17

I agree, voting on factions and lineups is keeping me very engaged with the development of the game and is making me more excited to see the final product.

November 07, 2014 16:20:23

When are they ending votes going to be announced ? It's Friday already;

November 07, 2014 16:05:20

Sadly there is not info about the time the official results will be announced and when the 2nd round starts (I assume that with the post itself)

November 07, 2014 15:43:44

we have to wait for the results, because any assholes cheated

Kytronix Wierny
November 07, 2014 15:28:11

Sucks that some people cheat to try and get their choice as the winner.

November 07, 2014 15:16:56

"we are also obliged to delay some content creation"
This, dear cheaters, is very bad news. Your actions hamper the development of the game, and you should stop. You're doing yourself a disservice.

November 07, 2014 14:35:00

I want to see results!!!

Kaanzakin Obieżyświat
November 07, 2014 13:22:05

I'LL GIVE MY VOTE ONLY FOR MUSTACHE faction FORTRESS, smallmen will win over temple & gaint tree!!!!

GalaadleHaut Bohater
November 07, 2014 14:04:45


Kaanzakin Obieżyświat
November 07, 2014 14:06:09

When he was spamming i was annoyed but now he stopped and i actually miss him.

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