GarionRahl Magiczny
April 06, 2015 21:33:21

Intéressante biographie et moins lisse que les histoires des précédents heroes !

m4ciej12222 Mroczny
March 09, 2015 20:50:41

Nice saying in French.

bitmaid Magiczny
January 20, 2015 21:19:51

This dude looks old :(

December 15, 2014 14:27:09

Lord of Griffin but NO GRIFFINS wtf? :)))

LightAvatarX Nietykalny
December 01, 2014 20:28:13

HM,Duke of greiifin eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 08, 2014 02:26:29

the same name say it!! The Lord of Griffin!! put griffins in the game!!!

October 21, 2014 01:05:44

How much would it cost to get 3D towns? Id chip in to get it.!!!!!!!! I mean its suppose to be a game with player involvement, just seems most the players so far are kinda pissed off with what were getting. Maybe someone from upstairs should listen..! Why not all the factions we want? Etc... I mean we are the ones who are buying the game, maybe we should start a site to get another gaming company to buy the rights to the game and make what we want.. There lots of company's out there.!

ciurga Niszczyciel
October 22, 2014 18:21:05


Eltheris Obieżyświat
October 22, 2014 18:26:25

then go to blizard and we will have heroes of warcraft and starcraft ;)

Assshaker Wspaniały
October 23, 2014 00:12:57

They shoud do kickstarter if main office don't give money for it :c

October 20, 2014 16:59:09

Ivan the ladies man!

October 18, 2014 20:35:27

Dear Developers from UBISOFT please listen to my ideas:
-make in Heroes 7 3D Castles like u made them in Heroes 5, this was one of the best and the most beautiful things in whole Heroes Saga, I was spending much time in Castles just to enjoy the views of this beautiful places
-add the rest sub-factions to all main factions PLEASE ! not now but in some expansion or just in DLC, all fans would be happy to see their sub-factions in H7,that lost the vote here,
especially fans of Sylvan castle..

October 18, 2014 20:35:35

I know that You can make 3 sub-factions to all main factions, we, fans can help You in this project and we will help. Make this game with sub-factions like it was in Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath ! :) If You make in this Heroes all main factions we could have then not 9 factions but 27 factions !
-make extra larga maps in heroes 7! :) like in heroes 3, i was always loving extra larga maps, with many creatures to kill, castles, mines and other things :)

Who agree with me give the "Up Vote" !!

October 18, 2014 20:35:41

I was also always dreaming of 8 units to have in the army and to recruit them in castle instead of 7 units ;/ I thought Heroes will finally bring this to live, but I sadly heard that we will have to choose between 2 champions units ;/ So Dear Developers I beg You put the 8 units in the all factions that we could have in one army and one castle to recruit, this would be one of the best things in Heroes Saga, like 3D Castles in Heroes 5.
I beg You Developers make this real !

October 18, 2014 20:35:48

and please bring back the Behemots from Heroes 3 to Stronghold castle !! :)
Please Dear Developers make this real ! :)

October 18, 2014 20:38:08

I have to disappont you but Ubi on stream announced that 3d towns are too expensive. And as we all know, money is a bit more important for Ubi than our satisfacton. 3d towns and all armies in main game- rest in peace

Kaanzakin Obieżyświat
October 18, 2014 21:06:27

Don't mind this guy. He's been spamming this post for a long while and it seems like he doesn't have any intention to stop. I pity him and his useless whining.

krayz1e2010 Mroczny
October 21, 2014 12:08:17

I dont want 3D castles. 2D looks much better and compact. 3D are more complex and when I build some building, I can not even find it because I need to rotate camera and zoom in and out to find it. 2D rules!

ciurga Niszczyciel
October 22, 2014 18:23:32

krazy1e2010- WhAT!? YOU MUST BE JOKING!?

Kruz20 Potężny
October 18, 2014 13:15:23

The name is Bulgarian....!

Milanj9191 Furia
October 19, 2014 03:20:37

Name is Slavic, not just Bulgarian or Russian..

October 17, 2014 14:27:21


October 17, 2014 09:48:44

Russian names. Thats great, he-he )

Qanger Wspaniały
October 16, 2014 23:18:52

Last hour. Hm.

Qanger Wspaniały
October 16, 2014 23:19:21

Shit. Not here.

Zelifano Mroczny
October 16, 2014 21:03:18

The storyline is indeed interesting and well depicted. I hope that during the campaings the carachter will be polished and refined again.
It's the portrait of a man who tasted pain, and so good to be a monarch. I only hope that during the storyline there will be moments like in H6 (wich storyline I found amazing) with pain and joy, leaving us players moved and amazed.
Keep up the good work, team of H7!

October 17, 2014 18:16:35

Totally agree with you!

Kaanzakin Obieżyświat
October 18, 2014 21:08:59

Indeed you are right. I also hope that storytelling will be like in H4 it was amazing and i remember playing H4 for hours just read some more stories.

LightAvatarX Nietykalny
October 16, 2014 20:06:15

Ivan's story!intresting!!!!!!!!!

AkamasKraal Wierny
October 16, 2014 19:25:13

Прекрасная подача персонажа.Не святой и не бастард,просто человек со своим мировоззрением и своими страстями.Если в таком же духе подадут остальных членов Совета,сюжет выйдет превосходным.Браво Юбисофту!!!.Читать описание Ивана одно удовольствие.

Lunar__Wanderer Szalony
October 18, 2014 08:46:36

Жаль, что без перевода...

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