LordGraa Łowca Skarbów
July 03, 2015 15:20:27

Hope to see them soon after release of vanilla game. Loved them in Heroes V and your new artorks look promising!

June 21, 2015 16:10:31

i wanted dwarfs

xSOVELIASx Magiczny
February 14, 2015 14:13:01

I can not wait :D

September 21, 2014 21:38:14

Already disappointed few Russ. Game creators that they have not seen "Heroes of Might and Magic 3", where their 9 - 10 pieces.

simkislt Tajemniczy
September 13, 2014 14:02:11

WHAT?! It isn't Fortress? Where are those nice swamp themed creatures like hydras, gorgons, serpent flies, lizardmen, etc. That was Fortress faction. Okay, dwarwes are started since HoMM 5, but in the next part they should bring back old factions. R.I.P. swampy Fortress. :(

ProMati31 Potężny
September 10, 2014 17:28:31

gram fortecą nie od dziś jeśli śęumie grać nią to karzdego ona rozniesie tym bardziej sylwan

Granto0611 Strażnik
September 08, 2014 21:55:39

I've sent an e-mail to the Might and Magic team about my open world Dark Messiah mod called "Asha uses All" including pictures about an old Dwarven Workshop called Earthforge and a long speech fitting into the Shadow Council Lore, but it seems they will not show it here. I am currently waiting for game approval on the Nexusmods.
Where do you think I should upload the pictures?
The mod is in a very early stage, and it will take a lot of time before I can release the first chapter.
Go Dwarfs!

daliborkatic Tajemniczy
September 07, 2014 01:00:31

go Sylvan

September 04, 2014 23:00:10

I think Sylvian must be first, but Fortress and other factions we will see later.

September 02, 2014 19:08:55

I would see dendroid arches (like homm3) and gold dragons in sylvan faction again. :) and sharpshooters if possible tho :D
i think dungeon in homm6 was good, but inferno... kinda meh. I would see the badass devil from homm3 ( archdemon is kinda boring for me), cerberus as upgrade, red jin(female one) and no horses and breeders please.
For me the 2D townscreens in homm6 were beautiful, but i dont regret to switch to 3D. If possible, it would be awesome that we can switch between 2D and 3D.

September 01, 2014 18:07:53

Bonsoir à tous,
voter pour l'une et payer pour avoir l'autre ? Il faut toutes les factions à mon avis pour que cela soit intéressant.

v1adimirm Mroczny
September 01, 2014 17:11:10

Думаю, с эльфами поинтересней будет играть в виду разнообразия юнитов, а у гномов почти только одни гномы, но с разными функциями...

v1adimirm Mroczny
September 01, 2014 17:09:28

Жду с нетерпением 7 часть игры! Надеюсь, что она вберёт в себя все лучшие моменты от 6 предыдущих частей!!!

Hadriaugustus Strażnik
September 01, 2014 12:34:28

Not gonna kick up a fuss about it this time, assuming we will eventually get ALL factions (and hopefully more than 8). Shouting out loud here for: 3D CITIES PLEASE!!! (one step forward taken in HoMM 5, dearly missed in HoMM 6)

Kytronix Wierny
August 30, 2014 13:49:46

I went with Dwarfes, but I want both. :l
I hope the faction that looses will come out in a DLC or expansion pack.

August 28, 2014 22:53:38

Are you guys crazy??
Sylvian and Fortress are basic races of this complete Heroes Series, how come can you dare to make choices on each???
But no you should sell the expansion set right?

August 29, 2014 15:41:20

Sylvan is basic races. Fortress (as dwarves) was only i Homm5 so I dont see ur problem

August 31, 2014 19:53:15

Yes.They like to troll

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