August 13, 2014 10:29:34

I really hope that Heroes VII will be truly awesome game. Do your best not to disappoint fans this time!

disturbed338 Mroczny
February 02, 2015 14:57:09

Why not both? :(

February 05, 2015 17:53:05

ı agree with you

February 10, 2015 16:05:33

It is my guess that at some point we will get both in the form of an expansion. These sound to good to just let them get passed over.

disturbed338 Mroczny
February 24, 2015 15:28:41

Well yes, but it's not fair for the dwarves, as the elves are an instant win here, and we already have 2 factions (with dungeon) of elves and no dwarves until, perhaps, an expansion...

Moreover, the dwarves have already been an expansion in H5, don't make it so linear :(

LightAvatarX Nietykalny
April 14, 2015 20:52:34

Because the devs have money only for six factions.If the sells with heroes VII vanilla go well then we will have and the other factions.

Darkem25 Łowca Skarbów
November 14, 2014 13:35:03

See you in the expansion pack - Fortress :)!

LightAvatarX Nietykalny
December 01, 2014 19:24:42

I can't to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 11, 2014 14:52:17

Without Fortress it will be much worser. Dwarfs rocks

September 10, 2014 01:34:41

I hope they will make all factions in H7, maybe not in pure H7 but in expansions to H7. I would like to see Heaven, Necropolis, Inferno, Sanctuary, Sylvan, Fortress, Academy, Stronghold, Dungeon, and Conflux (city of Elementals) and maybe that faction from Void that Developers were talking about ?

September 10, 2014 01:41:58

In Conflux can be units like this:
I Tier: Water Elemental, Upgrade: Ice Elemental
II Tier: Wind Elemental, Upgrade: Storm Elemental
III Tier: Fire Elemental, Upgrade: Plasma Elemental
IV Tier: Earth Elemental, Upgrade: Magma Elemental
V Tier: Shadow Elemental, Upgrade: Shadow Essence
VI Tier: Light Elemental, Upgrade: Light Essence
VII Tier: Fire Bird, Upgrade: Phoenix
Alternative VII Tier: Mind/Brain Elemental, Upgrade: Magic Elemental

RosheNek Wierny
September 10, 2014 14:39:20

Conflux don't fits in Ashan. M&M Ubi team has told about nine-faction-rule for dozen of times.

September 11, 2014 13:32:10

Why Conflux doesn't fit ? And i think they should break nine-faction-rule... it would be sooo good to see many different factions in H7, maybe Pirates, and Bandits castles too ?

Antikouras Obieżyświat
September 11, 2014 13:36:33

yes sounds good but there will be a core/elite/champion tier system

September 11, 2014 23:51:14

eh i know ... so read it as: Tier I-III would be Core, Tier IV-VI would be Elite and Phoenix and Magic Elemental would be as Champion Tier (we would be choosing between Phoenix or Magic Elemental)

August 30, 2014 13:53:55

I really want the game looks similar to HOMM3, it is the best in the series so far... It will be best if u just create a 3D version of HOMM3 and i want all the factions (HOMM3 have 8 factions!!)

lakici Tajemniczy
August 30, 2014 16:19:22

I agree !!!!

August 30, 2014 17:24:50

You're totally right dude! I agree!

Antikouras Obieżyświat
August 30, 2014 21:34:40

homm 3 had 9 factions

Andrewstringer Mroczny
August 31, 2014 02:58:57

I loved heroes of might and magic 3 - it's such a reflection of my childhood and early love of games. But I think a remake of the game would be a bad idea. The company would just start moving backwards. The best sign of a game's development is trying new things - pushing the boundaries and innovating. If they just go and remake 3 and copy copy copy - where does Heroes go from there?

August 31, 2014 10:19:34

I agree with davidcheungcm, moving forward would be making a homm3 maybe even era 2 input used (from us fans) but created in a new way that isnt close to WOW or D3 type games. and heroes 4 and up are all the same in my oppinion, nothing new coming to 7 cept more "movies" and less gameplay. HOMM3 has a whole user created expansion, honor us with an incredible build of it, please :)

Antikouras Obieżyświat
September 01, 2014 14:28:58

i agree with andrewstinger. I love homm3 and i still play it but i really want to see new things. Homm3 was that good because it inserted new things in the series like new factions such as fortress, conflux, inferno, new scills etc... I want to see something like that in the new games. Also in my opinion the more factions the better :D

August 16, 2014 21:39:29

Definitely elves! They've been with the Heroes of Might and Magic series since the beginning and have always been one of my favourite factions! Dwarves have only been introduced in a Heroes V expansion, and honestly, I never liked them much. They're cool too, but I like the elves better. Moving quickly and striking hard is my style. =D

That said, it would be nice for the one that doesn't get chosen now to make it into an expansion.

Dwarfurious Furia
August 16, 2014 21:44:36

Sylvan was also only introduced in Heroes V. Dwarf and Elf units have been in Heroes since the beginning, they have just as much right. If you want to move quick and strike hard, be Dark Elves. Both elf sides were basically the same in that regard, the game will be poorer if we again have these mirrored races.

aleszyl Strażnik
August 16, 2014 22:08:47

Sylvan wasn't introduced in Heroes V, it was always around, only with less elves :)

August 15, 2014 18:42:41

Whatever wins, please include a Random Map Generator in the game from the start. Endless hours of gameplay after the campaign with Hotseat+RMG.

August 15, 2014 16:10:24

PLEASE bring back the 3D town screens like Heroes V, one of the best things on the game

August 15, 2014 16:51:14

For me, 3D town screens were really ugly... 2D town screens are much better !

August 16, 2014 21:29:42

Not that 3D towns didn't look great but 2D makes towns look timeless and stylish.

feidrota85 Obieżyświat
September 05, 2014 16:41:35

with theese graphics it doesn't look good.The landscape and effects are the thing that matter, the buildings with theese graphics look edgy and in my opinion ugly. if eges are smoothened and they concentrate more on landscape to make the picture look better than the 2d maybe yes.

August 15, 2014 10:24:27

Rampart is in my opinion one of the or the most mandatory faction of all taction in a Heroes of Might and Magic game. Fortress and also Stronghold always sucked and are not needed. Also don't like the going of Academy into this arabic direction instead of Arctic as it was in HOMM3 Tower faction. Basically make a HOMM3 with modern graphics and I will 100% buy it. HOMM6 was terrible. Get back to the roots of the game. Thanks

August 15, 2014 10:43:54

HOMM3 with modern graphics would be the best thing for this series! That's why even today, after more than 14 years many of us are still playing HOMM 3 and not 6. I played HOMM 5 but unfortunately, it doesn't bring so much features like HOMM 3 WOG or ERA 2, despite the graphics.
Ubisoft, we don't need Intergalactic graphics, just a very good gameplay, random map and i know it is possible and why not, experience and level up on every creature.

This, Ubisoft, will make you the best game developer

August 15, 2014 04:15:02

Remembering the good old days when dwarves and elves would fight together under one roof, alongside Centaurs Captains, Dendroid Soldiers, War Unicorns and Gold Dragons! ;)

Dwarfurious Furia
August 14, 2014 22:32:46

No! This cant happen, HoMM5: Fortress were the most amazing bunch of Dwarves i've ever seen assembled in a strategy game. They had god damn BEAR CAVALRY, their cities were pits of FIRE. I've watched closely every game you released since HoMM5, and NONE until M&M:legacy have Dwarves been given due diligence, from the Clash of Heroes to the browser flash games i have WAITED for Dwarves to come back. They were in ONE HoMM game and they were god damn amazing, elves have gotten enough attention!

August 14, 2014 21:12:41

Homm 3 Complete is still the best in the series, everything after has just been an attempt to equal the experience it provided. Sadly, each new HOMM is getting further off the path. And yes, I still play HOMM 3 with my friends. And we all play a little of the new ones from time to time, we just end up going back to HOMM 3

August 14, 2014 21:18:05

Please please PLEASE either do a remake for Homm3 or go back to its formula in Homm7.
It is simply the best in the series, just like poly me and my friend also play Homm3 to this day.

August 14, 2014 21:19:46

I totally agree with that. HoMaM 3 is still the best. I would like to see Dungeon and Inferno back. And HoMaM IV and VI have totally greatest music. So catchy.

tomius111 Łowca Skarbów
August 14, 2014 21:32:47

Do not forgot for homm 4 thats also amazing. I used to play with friends crazy maps.

August 14, 2014 22:25:58

Personally i prefer HOMM2
but all game in this serie are good but with good and bad point =)

yjesus45 Wspaniały
August 15, 2014 23:47:39

Heroes 4 and Heroes 6 didn't try to reboot heroes 3, they tried something new, they innovated. You want nostalgia? play Heroes 3, let the rest of us get something fresh new, not a chewed-up game.

August 14, 2014 17:49:16

Add both races?

August 14, 2014 17:57:47

Yea, instead of "you choose" i.e pick which race comes with the game and which race you will have to pay extra as DLC. Why not just add both races if you are really making the game for the fans? Better yet, use those creative juices and come up with new races like sanctuary from m&m 6.

August 14, 2014 00:44:47

Dear MMH7 Team, i do WANT both.
I voted SYLVAN, but...
Please make, at least, FORTRESS avaliable in future DLC for the game.

August 13, 2014 23:44:04

Fortress is love, fortress is life.
Fortress is love, fortress is life.
Fortress is love, fortress is life.

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