Votes - Upcoming Updates 11/13/2014 | 266 komentarze

Dear fans,

The two current votes are nearing their end (tonight at 11:59pm CET, so vote now if you haven’t!) and we’d like to tell you more about the future of these votes and the ones coming next.

In order to secure results and to be 100% sure that the current votes weren’t spoiled, we will count the results again and share official results tomorrow (especially for the line-up vote).

For the future, we are glad to announce that the eagerly awaited update is ready for the website. Indeed, starting next vote, the results of the votes will be hidden until the end, when we’ll release an official statement announcing the winner. This change will permit to reduce the temptation of influencing results and will permit all voters to keep trustful to their opinions.

We hope this solution will please most of you and ensure a safe and fair environment on this website.


The M&M Team
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