Upcoming website features 03/26/2015 | 363 komentarze

Hello Councillors,

A website update is currently in the pipeline. Along with several improvements that will grant moderators better tools, we decided to add two new features to the user interface.

With the next update, you will be able to report content that you identify as inappropriate. This will help us to ensure a pleasant place for all exchanges about MMH7. You will be able to report a comment once only.

In addition to this, we added the possibility to create a link from any comment in order to help you make references.

Finally, we decided to add the possibility for our moderators to temporarily suspend accounts that do not respect the community or Uplay terms of service https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/terms-of-service.html. If the persons continue to share inappropriate content after warnings or previous deletion, the account will be suspended for a given time period.

We will continue to work on website features and are already adding your requests to our project backlog.

The M&M Team.

In the meantime, do not forget to vote for your favorite Lich & Vampire design!

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