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Hello Councillors,  

Today we wanted to share with you an update regarding the townscreen interface in MMH7.

Indeed, some of you were willing to know more about what was behind those buttons and what was the purpose of some of them.

Interface elements are today 100% functional but we will improve the design & icons of some of them before the release of the title.

The Townscreen

Where it all begins

Construct Buildings

Here we have the town tree where you can see the connections between the different buildings (a bit rough at the moment). On the left side, you can also see the level of your town and the "destroy" level button.

Recruit new creatures

This window will allow you to recruit creatures but also order caravans from other towns.

Let's see this in action! (in a really really small map for test purpose)

Recruit warfare units

In this window, you will be able to buy warfare units to reinforce your army for the battle.

Hire new heroes

Trade resources

Magic Guild

Thieves Guild

(This spy is not really greedy)

Unload Caravans


Recycle Artifacts

On this window, Academy Heroes can recycle Artifacts to obtain some resources out of it.


This Academy specific building allows your Hero to buy scrolls.

Since we are talking about UI, have a look to our progress regarding skillwheel layout:
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