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Well met, friends.

I shall now tell you more about the most powerful troops of the Silver Cities, the true champions on the battlefield.

Arcane Eagle

Arcane Eagles were originally meant to be a mere tool for ambitious Wizards, a display of their demiurgic ambitions and their ability to turn raw arcane energy into a living creature. Well, they certainly succeeded at that! Arcane Eagles started to reproduce somehow and wild specimens can now be encountered in the Spirit World. Life always finds a way...


Legends are full of powerful birds: the Phoenix, the Rokh, the Huma... Like them, the Simurgh of the old myths was initially believed to be a unique being, the King of the Plane of Magic. We now know there are actually many Simurghs, as they are in fact the ultimate state of existence an Arcane Eagle can achieve.


Controlled from a distance by a team of puppeteer Wizards, a Colossus also frequently hosts a figment of the soul of his creator, granting it some basic intelligence and allowing it to absorb hostile magic.


It should be noted that the resources needed to create a Titan are rare and expensive; due to this the decision to go to war with them is not taken lightly. On the other hand, enemies sometimes surrender at the mere sight of them...

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