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Here's a funny story that happened a few days ago.

While moving some boxes around the office, one of our designers came across some archives from the 3DO days.

Browsing through that box, he found a CD labelled "Heroes 1-3 Best-Of Music". That seemed a great thing to listen to while working on Heroes VII. But after a few well-known tracks, suddenly his ears were filled with a haunting melody he had never heard before!

He immediately sent the track to the Heroes composers, Rob King and Paul Romero, hoping they could tell him more about it. While they remembered the track itself, they didn't recall where it was supposed to be used originally.

After some more research, he discovered that the mystery track had been used as an alternate Sorceress town theme in the "Millenium Edition" release of Heroes II. That version of the game had a strange soundtrack, with many
town themes being replaced by their Heroes III counterparts, weirdly. So where does this mystery track really come from? Maybe it was meant to be the town theme for the Forge faction before it was scrapped? Nobody remembers...

In any case, it's always a pleasure to discover a forgotten piece of Heroes music! :)

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Ubi-Nox  Cień Śmierci March 16, 2015 19:43:54

Hello Councillors, as you may know we had the opportunity to receive some representatives of this council last Friday for a great event! We will have many interesting new content to share with you and they will also be able to express their feedback concerning this event and the game. However, we won’t be able to break the news until the very end of the month so stay tuned! (Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait :))

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