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Salutations, Shadow Councillors.

We have received word from Irollan stating that an ambassador is being sent to Ivan’s court. According to my informants in the Elven realm, this ambassador is Lord Lasir, a native of the merchant city of Erewel. An interesting choice from High-King Alaron, to be sure.

Located near the border between Irollan and the Unicorn Duchy. Erewel attracts all kinds of visitors – Imperial merchants, Wizards from Karthal, Dwarves from Sudgerd – looking to acquire the unique and beautiful Elven crafts in wood, leather, and crystal. The son of a woodworker, Lasir had no talent for making art himself, yet was “crafty” in his own way. Sylanna had indeed blessed him with a talent for negotiation. He was especially apt at weaving a nice tale around an otherwise mundane object, so it would sell for a higher price than what it was actually worth.

This peculiar talent came to the attention of the local Elven Queen – one of the many rulers of Irollan, all vassals to the High-King of that era, Vaniel – who was about to strike a trade agreement with the Crimson Wizards of Karthal. Thanks to Lasir, the agreement turned very profitable for the Elves, and the Queen decided to invite Lasir to become a member of her council. While his young age irked some other members of the council (he was no more than three centuries old at the time), he proved as skilled in politics as he had been in trade.

By all accounts, Lasir is highly intelligent and not to be underestimated. Because of his low birth and “down to earth” upbringing; he often surprises his interlocutors with his friendliness and familiarity that are in stark contrast with the perceived “haughtiness” of the Elves.

Lasir had still not proven his worth on a battlefield, though. The Fourth Eclipse gave him the opportunity, as Lasir took part to a harrowing battle where Elves, Human and Wizard armies were allied together against a large Demon force descending from the Vantyr mountains.

The battle did not go well. The Demons were uncharacteristically well-disciplined, and were taking the upper hand. As things were becoming desperate, a Human knight gathered warriors and made an assault against the enemy general. With a battle cry of “Ashan!”, Lasir and a Wizard from the Silver Cities joined the fight. Knight, Elf and Wizard were eventually able to strike down the Demon general. With his demise, the Demon forces immediately became wild and disorganized, and were easily overcome by the allied armies.

The heroic Knight turned out to be none other than Lady Rowena, the Duchess of Unicorn. After the war, Lasir became the Elven ambassador at Rowena’s court.

I suppose being already familiar with the “strange” customs of the Holy Empire made him an ideal candidate to join Ivan’s council in Alaron’s eyes. Above all else, however, Lasir is a negotiator. He sees himself as an honest man, and it is my understanding that he will never tell an outright lie or go against his personal values to obtain something, but if he has to “embellish” things a little bit to achieve his goals, then that is fair business.

…There is one more thing, although I’m not sure if it is worth this council’s precious time. It might be little more than a fireside tale.

One of my spies has told me another story regarding Lasir’s connection to the Unicorn Duchy. When Rowena, Lasir and the unidentified Wizard killed the Demon general during the Fourth Eclipse, they allegedly found a strange weapon, half-claw, half-blade, on his body. The heroes surmised the artefact was somehow binding the Demons to the will of its wielder, and, together, they swore an oath to ensure it would never fall back into Demonic hands. But I’m not sure to believe this story, at least not without more evidence…
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