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Hello Councillors,

Some of you have been eager to discover more Magic Schools before the end of the week so here we go with 2 of them today: Fire & Prime!

Please note that in the following graphic X might not represent a single number and can be in various cases results of different bonuses or calculations (for instance it can be: X=Damages of the spell from Hero expertise level * Magic value)

Balancing will be handled until the very end of the development and names/icons can be subject to changes.

Fire Magic

Fire Magic comes from Arkath and manifests itself as flames, smoke and ashes. It is also related to the burning passions: desire, courage and anger, lust, recklessness and rage. Fire consumes the weak but gives strength and purpose to the strong.It can create smoke screens and fire shields to protect its allies, or fill them with unyielding determination, but it can also incinerate its enemies with scorching fireballs.

Fire Magic is favoured by the Dwarves, and very popular with the Demons.



Prime Magic

Prime Magic comes from Asha or Urgash, the Primordial Dragons, and is connected to the spiritual substance born from the Void. It can channel the magical energies from the spirit world to the material world (and vice versa), and control the space-time continuum (to preserve or disrupt it). Prime magic can enchant an item (imbue an inert substance with a magical “soul”), animate a Golem or a Skeleton (bind a spirit to a material lifeless form), open a gate between the material and the spiritual world, etc.
Prime Magic is favored by the worshippers of Asha and the followers of Sar-Elam (the Wizards, the Necromancers, the White Weavers, the Blind Brothers, the Silent Sisters, the Dragon Knights) but also by the servants of Urgash (the Warlocks and Demons).



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