Random Skill Revision 04/28/2016

Hello Heroes,

Following your feedback and looking at our data, we made the decision to rework MMH7 Random Skill system.

Indeed, we identified this system was not the one many of you were expecting and thus started an important revision of this feature.

With the help of the M&M VIPs, we started to redesign each Heroes class to increase their skill poll but also adding a “weight” to each skill having the potential to populate your skill wheel. Our objective with this change is to give you more flexibility when using random skilling feature and allow you to create a unique hero for your game sessions.

Let’s take one example to illustrate the upcoming changes with Bilashi, Warmonger from Stronghold faction.

1. Current Random Skill system (patch 1.8)

Bilashi current skill pool;
  • Bloodrage (GM)
  • Offense (GM)
  • Warcries (GM)
  • Exploration (Master)
  • Leadership (Master)
  • Warfare (Master)
  • Defence (Expert)
  • Destiny (Expert)
  • Air Magic (Expert)
  • Earth Magic (Expert)
In the current system Bilashi will always have those skills with associated skill ranks. Skills that have a GM rank will be rolled slightly higher to get, but apart from that it will always be the same pool.

2. Random Skill revision (available on future update)

As mentioned above, upcoming revision will propose a “weight” system on all available skills. Bilashi for instance will have the chance to get the following skills when leveling up:

Bilashi revised skill pool;
  • Bloodrage
  • Offense (12%)
  • Defense (8%)
  • Paragon (4%)
  • Economy (2%)
  • Exploration (10%)
  • Diplomacy (4%)
  • Leadership (10%)
  • Destiny (8%)
  • Warcries (12%)
  • Warfare (10%)
  • Water Magic (4%)
  • Air Magic (6%)
  • Earth Magic (6%)
  • Light Magic (2%)
  • Dark Magic (2%)
As you can see, his potential skill pool has gone from a static 10 to a dynamic 15 possible skills. This mean you can create an entirely unique Bilashi every time you play. Increasing the tactical depth and potential amounts of builds will lead to new and innovative team combinations.

Free skilling is still an option, however it will maintain the original 10 static pool.

Important information: A hero will ALWAYS get his racial skill and typically some of them already come with something pre skilled.

This work has been done for every class, every hero in every faction. All of these skills can now be levelled to the Master rank, but you will still be limited to 3 Grand master abilities, but all skills have the potential to be a Grandmaster skill should you wish.

Some of you may have noticed that Bilashi can now learn Light and Dark Magic. With the change to what skill can be populated in your skill wheel we've removed faction magic restrictions unless it's a strict opposite. For example Stronghold still cannot learn or have Prime spells populated in the magic guild, but they can get Light or Dark. And so on for each other faction.

Here is what your Skill tree and level up will look like with revised Random Skilling system. You'll note that we've added text to tell you what rank what Ability or Skill is.

We have also removed the requirement of having 1 ability per skill tier to get a Grand Master ability. Now you could learn the 3 abilities in the novice tree, Expert skill, Master Skill and then get Grand Master. And any combination of that.

Important information: GUI location of Grand Master Abilities are not representative of what Skill can actually become a Grand Master rank. (For example: you can be Grand Master of 6’ oclock position skill etc.)

The amount of Skills and Abilities offered to you on level up is also Dynamic. The more Skills you learn the more abilities you'll have offered to you, as well as more Skills opening up to you. Both already learned skills (so advancement in tier) and brand new ones.

This means that a player can 'drive' what skills and abilities he wants to advance, with in reason. The more you advance a skill in tier (from novice to expert, expert to master) the calculation of getting that skill to pop up will be slightly greater. This has been done so if you want to try get an early Grandmaster ability (still level 7 is the earliest) you have the opportunity to do it. But if you just want a wide array of low ranking skills you can also just put points into abilities and so on.

Random Skill revision will be available in a future MMH7 update.

Another example with Ymoril, revised Paladin.

To sum up:
- Added weight system to hero class template
- Changed all skills to Major (Master)
- You always get 1 old and 1 new skill as offer
- No skill rank (level) requirement
- Grandmaster need 3 abilities as a requirement
- All skills can become Grandmaster, with a limit of 3
- Dynamic number of offered abilities [(2 + Max((#Skills -2), 0) )]