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Hello Heroes,

Today we are pleased to announce you the immediate availability of the patch 1.4 for Might & Magic Heroes VII. Downloading this new update should be automatic on both Uplay and Steam.

This patch provides this time again a great number of fixes for the game but we also were able to go further with additional game and performance improvements.

We highly recommend you to check our previous post from the team for more information and before/after benchmarks!  Here!

Patch 1.4 top lines:

  • Improved memory management and loading times
  • Adventure map saturation rework
  • Tutorial videos now available and Haven campaign now introduced as beginner campaign the first time you launch the game
  • Option to enable/disable the height fog
  • Multiplayer fixes
  • Editor fixes
  • Various game bug fixing and improvements
Stay tuned for more information regarding future patches!

The M&M Team.

Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.4
Date: November 05th, 2015
Version: 1.4 (rev 33071)
Release note: see below

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Ubi-Nox  Cień Śmierci November 05, 2015 14:06:45

For more information concerning performance/visual improvements please check previous article here :)

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