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Hello Councillors,

Beta approaching very fast we wanting to give you more information not only about the content of the game itself but also the different options you will be able to manage in order to create your own MMH7 experience.

Even if it is only a beta, it was important for us to use this opportunity to anticipate a maximum in order to provide better support and compatibility until release. That is the reason why you will be able to have already access to almost all options and will have the possibility to tweak them at your convenience.  

As you may have seen in our technical Q&A, we already improved beta requirements and will provide as soon as possible a new recommended setup but in all cases, we aim at doing even more improvements so your feedback will be particularly precious.

We hope this first introduction will help you to better understand the main elements of this menu and we will come back with more details during the beta.


  • Anti-Aliasing: Reduces the sharpness artifacts from the edges of all 3d objects.
  • Resolution: Allows you to select your screen resolution (automatically detect all supported resolutions by your graphic card).
  • Ambient Occlusion: Adds contact shadows where two surfaces or objects meet, and where an object blocks light from reaching another nearby game element.
  • Dynamic Shadows: Toggles the rendering of real-time shadows from objects that can move or change.
  • Shader Quality: Forces the usage of lower/higher quality versions of the object materials.
  • Static Mesh Quality: Forces switching all non-animated 3D Meshes into lower quality/higher versions.
  • Graphics Card: Allows you to verify which Graphic Card the game is using (particularly helpful if you have a laptop featuring 2 graphic cards).
  • Full Screen: Choose between Fullscreen/Windowed modes.
  • Texture Quality: Forces the usage of lower/higher resolution textures.
  • Distortion: Adds visual improvements to some specific elements (flames etc.).
  • Skeletal Mesh Quality: Forces switching all animated 3D Meshes into lower/higher quality versions.
  • Language: Only English will be available for the Beta.


  • Master Sound: Set volume of the whole game.
  • Effect Sound: Set volume for all sound effects.
  • Music: Set volume for music.
  • Ambient Sound: Set volume for ambient sounds.


  • Show Hero Destination Indicator: Enable/Disable Hero destination indicator on the map.
  • Event Log: Show/Hide Event Log.
  • Auto Play Dialogs: Automatically start dialogs when encountered.
  • Show Week Popup: Show/Hide Week Popup.
  • // Panning options: Define scrolling options of mouse/keyboard on map.
  • Notifications: Show/Hide notifications.
  • Show entire Build-Tree: Show/Hide full Build-Tree in towns.
  • Show Hotseat Popup: Show/Hide Hotseat Popup.


  • Gamespeed: Select gamespeed.
  • Always do QuickCombat: You can decide to use Quickcombat as default.
  • Army Presentation Cam: At the beginning of each fight, you will be able to enable/disable a quick flyover of both armies.
  • Gameplay waits for animations: The game will wait until the end of each animations before enabling following action.
  • Coolcam Chance: 0 - 100% chance to have a coolcam event on triggers.
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