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As previously announced, we will be hosting a press event in March with first hands-on. This is an important milestone for the project and the team is doing its bet to provide an exciting demo for the journalist but also for the Shadow Council representatives!

Thus, we might be a bit busy in the upcoming weeks due to the organization of this event and might have to slow down a bit in terms of content during this short period. It is indeed difficult to retrieve information from devs or other members of the team at the current time since their mind is 200% focused on this key event! However, this also means that we will have some cool stuff to share with you afterwards!

For now, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you more information about the studio behind the development of Heroes VII and introduce little by little the different teams through interviews and testimonies.

Please also give a warm welcome to Limbic-Jaelle, she will be the one sharing news and testimonies from the Studio with you all!
Let's start right away with Limbic Entertainment studio overview!

What is Limbic?

Limbic Entertainment is an independent game development studio based in Langen, Germany.

Its core competencies are game design, programming, hosting and maintaining games. Since Limbic Entertainment was founded, the company has released more than 60 product versions, published in more than a dozen languages.

Limbic Entertainment was founded in September 2002 by the former Sunflowers-employees Stephan Winter, Eike Radunz and Alexander Frey.

Regarding the Might & Magic-franchise, Limbic Entertainment worked on both Might & Magic Heroes VI DLCs and Shades of Darkness extension. Besides that, Limbic was responsible for the development of Might & Magic X- Legacy and now Might & Magic Heroes VII.

Why Limbic?

In Latin "limbic" is a term for a part of the central nervous system, which is well connected to the mid brain. The limbic system is associated with certain autonomic functions and various emotions including pleasure, fear and happiness.

That's what we want to achieve with our games as well.

The Location

Some may imagine a Gamedev studio as something really interesting, full of cool people. Well, they are right.

Just a few months ago I entered the building of Limbic Entertainment studios for the first time by myself.

Let me guide you through my experiences.

The building itself

The studio of Limbic Entertainment is located in Langen, right next to the Flight Control. From the outside you can't tell the difference to the other companies in the neighborhood, but you feel it in that very moment, when you're entering the door.

Silver-and-blue dominates the style of the interior. The white walls are covered with posters and artworks all over the place.

Over two floors you'll find the work spaces of the management and bureau staff, level designers, game designers, content creators and game programmers. They count up to almost 70 people – and there will be more!

The art of Limbic

Many work spaces have some special styles, as well as some walls around them. They are as different as their owners. Figurines, pictures, nerdy gadgets or flowers... everybody brought some personality into their surroundings.


Beside the kitchen there is a community room as well, where the employees can share their free time together. This happens on lunch break or after work. There are even consoles and Magic the Gathering- cards for gaming! Sometimes there are playing-events for the whole crew.

In summer there's a BBQ-spot as well. Smooth!


Working at Limbic is challenging and boosting as well as fun and inspiring. I hope I was able to get you a glimpse inside the Dev's Location.

Next time, I'm telling you something about Limbic Entertainment, I will spread a few words about the units, which are working on Might & Magic Heroes VII.


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