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Hello Heroes,

We have heartbreaking news to announce today. Despite our best efforts, we won’t be able to launch the Beta as originally planned.

This statement will probably be as devastating for you as it is for us and we would thus like to share with you some information about this situation in the most transparent way possible.

Last week, we identified several issues that were really threatening our release: the save/load system had a tendency to corrupt saves under certain conditions; multiplayer was still riddled with desyncs; and finally, we had a very particularly worrisome memory leak issue which halved the performances after an hour or so of gameplay.

We pushed really hard to solve those issues, including this very week-end. We would like by the way to thank both Limbic and our testers for the overtime they put into this release.

Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts, we could not completely resolve these issues, and today our testers had to let us know that if we had gone forward with making this build available, our players would have faced a very degraded experience.

You might wonder why we held off until the very last moment to announce this decision. The reason is really simple: we had already worked on those issues but unfortunately didn’t reach the quality we were aiming for. In the meantime, we spent a lot of time discussing whether we should release the current build despite its flaws or not.

Since we know you value (rightfully so!) quality, bug-free and kick-ass releases over broken software, we followed our testers’ advice and decided to call it a day, despite a heavy heart and a broken promise to you.

We are already hard at work on our next version. We want to seize this opportunity to present you with a release that showcases the quality and potential of Heroes 7. And we hope you will enjoy this game as much as we are enjoying developing it. Well... except for tonight :)

Now our immediate next steps are solving those three big issues and releasing our Beta as swiftly as possible. We will keep you posted with further announcements very soon.

We thank you again for the humbling show of patience and understanding you’ve made on the forums and will make it up to you. Heroes 7 is truly a special title for us and we want it to be a worthy successor to your favorite series.

Yours truly,
The M&M Team.
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