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In Might & Magic Heroes VII, you’ll encounter creatures that don’t belong to any faction. They are called Neutrals. Here is a sneak peek at the ones you’ll meet in Heroes VII. All of them can be recruited in specific buildings found on the adventure map, like the Elemental Conflux and the Magic Menagerie.

Armed with a cutlass and lightning-fast fencing techniques, the Sea Elf Pirates are redoubtable foes at sea.

Quite probably the most powerful Neutral of Heroes VII, it is said the Gold Dragon can be summoned with a specific artefact...


Griffins and Imperial Griffins have a special status, as they are also used in the Haven line-up in place of the Dire Wolf / Silverback in specific parts of the single player campaign (when the aptly-named Griffin Duchy is featured).


Spirits of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, Elementals are among the most common Neutrals encountered in Ashan. Not so easily dispatched, they can be recruited in the Elemental Conflux, but also guard the treasures of the mysterious Elemental Forges…


While Inferno is not present in Heroes VII as a Faction, groups of Juggernauts and Lilims can be encountered in the darkest corners of Ashan.


Much more powerful than their Academy counterparts, Shantiri Golems and Titans are usually found guarding ancient ruins and powerful artefacts…

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