Faction vote: last week! 09/05/2014 | 218 komentarze

Voices have been heard, arguments were presented and strong advocates have come forward. However, we have not yet reached a final decision!

You have one more week to vote for the Faction that should join Ivan’s side at the Shadow Council.

This mission is yours, Councillor. Common opinion seems to lean towards the Sylvans, but Fortress has not said its last words! You can still switch sides, and convince others to change their minds as well. The future of the Shadow Council rests in your hands

Use whatever means you deem necessary to rally the other members of this – informal – meeting to your choice.  Campaign for your favorite allies, show us their strength and convince us that your opinion is the one that will benefit Ivan and his quest the most.

Ivan had doubts, the council is not yet complete, we need you to help us in this task!

We’ll get in touch really soon to expose Ivan’s final decision.

Sylvan Vs. Forteca

Status: Closed

you choose




you choose




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