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Hello Councillors,

Today we have the great pleasure to present you the place where you will be able to recruit and grow your armies while playing the Academy faction. You may have already seen this townscreen but it is now time to go deeper and have a first overview of its main buildings and specificities.

As always, please keep in mind that all information in this website is work in progress and that some elements may change before release time. Moreover, this article goal only is to focus on main buildings but the game will offer more variety and options while upgrading your town so stay tuned for more details!

Academy Townscreen Full

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Core Creatures
  • Fire Pit: Allows to recruit Cabeiri Masters 
  • Silver Parapet: Allows to recruit Obsidian Gargoyles 
  • Golem Foundry: Allows to recruit Sandstone Golems

Elite Creatures
  • Pinnacle of Wishes: Allows to recruit Djinn Channeler 
  • Golden Pavilion: Allows to recruit Rakshasa Rajas 
  • University of Magic: Allows to recruit Disciples

Champion Creatures
  • Thundercloud Coliseum: Allows to recruit Titans 
  • Arcane Vortex: Allows to recruit Simurghs

Warfare Units
  • Workshop: Allows to buy a Healing Tent 
  • Pyramidal Craft: Allows to buy a Small Pyramid 


(non official segmentation :))

Heroes Buildings

  • Hall of Heroes: Allows to recruit Heroes 
  • Mana Core: Doubles visiting hero's max mana until the end of the week 
  • Magic Guild: Allows Heroes to learn spells (4 levels) 
  • Arcane Library: Provides an additional spell per rank for the Magic Guild 

Additional Heroes related buildings
  • Inscriber: Provides the town screen window to buy scrolls
  • Artefact Recycler: Provides the town screen window to recycle artefacts
  • Thieves Guild: Provides the town screen window to spy enemies and give overview of the game status 
  • Town Portal: Allows Heroes to be teleported to the town (with the right spell) In Heroes VII we decided not to keep H6 town portal system. The town portal only allows you to be teleported to this town if you hero have the right spell for this. However, like it was on previous games, this spell only can teleport you to the nearest town.
Resources Buildings
  • Marketplace: Provides the town screen window to trade resources 
  • Resource Silo: Produces random resources each day 
  • Alchemist Lab: Provides one unit of dragon blood crystal each day 

  • Castle: Equips the town with walls and gates in siege combats. Equips the town with level 3 local guards
  • Lightning Pyramid: Provides the town with 3 Small Pyramids in siege combats. Additionally, it regenerates attack warfare units of the town's faction at the end of a combat if it was destroyed
  • Casting Stage: Grants the player special bonuses when the town is under attack

Town Hall Upgrades
  • Capitol: Raises the daily income to 4000 gold / day. There can be only one Capitol per player and per map
  • Arcane Portal: Provides 5000 gold / day and additional great bonuses (to discover soon!)
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