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Hello Heroes,

Today, we have the great pleasure to come back to you with the first part of our answers for the community Q&A. Indeed, while processing the numerous questions you shared with us, we identified 4 main categories to distribute them:
  • Communication
  • Production
  • Gamedesign
  • Lore
We will in the following weeks answers those different categories and starting right away with “Communication” questions! 

Again, we are sorry for not being able to answer all of your questions as announced previously, we had to make some choices but do not worry, all of your interrogations will find answers soon or later ;) Even if we do want to share the maximum with you, we have also constraints in terms of reveals and production. As soon as information is available, you will be the first ones to know!

Some of those questions already were answered previously but it seems that information was unclear or incomplete.

1.The Shadow Council

a. Why are you doing the Shadow Council?

Some of you may remember Might & Magic X – Legacy OpenDev. We started this co-creation platform development with this title because we wanted to share more information about the game to the fans than traditional “marketing campaigns” but also allow them to be part of the development of this “back from the dead” series (last opus released in 2002). After this experience, we decided to continue this adventure and go even further with Heroes VII and the Shadow Council. This website’s objective is to reunite in one place all information about the title and give you the opportunity to comment every bit or vote for some key elements of the game (such as the Factions for example). Moreover, after the feedback we received with last opus, we decided to learn from our mistake and develop the game with you and share our progress in transparency to create together a new Heroes reference.

b. Why are you doing votes?

When we started the development of the game, we decided to leave some room open to the choice of the community. Since we wanted to go for a real community orientation through this website, we knew that votes were the best way to involve the community in the decision making process. Indeed, votes are the most “democratic” way to take into account the opinion of everybody. Of course we were not able to open every topic to the vote because we needed to make progress on the title in the meantime but we really wanted to give you the opportunity to make significant decisions from the early beginning and not provide only cosmetic choices. For instance, voting of the 2 factions nearly represent a third of the game content in terms of visuals and 3D models/animations etc. Furthermore, we also wanted to expand the scope of those votes with collector content decisions etc.

Finally, it is important to note that our objective with those votes isn’t to cut off content and sell it afterward on DLC. We had to make a decision between 6 factions for the game regarding our budget and planning, we just wanted you to choose your preference :)

c. Will the Shadow Council stop after the release of the game?

As long as Heroes VII will live, the Shadow Council will. The release of the game only is a milestone (a very important one :)).

2. Technical warning

One of our objectives by using Unreal Engine 3 for the development of Heroes VII is to be able to offer a quality experience and support for a majority of hardware. We were also able to create powerful tools for the game development and future User Generated Content. However, please keep in mind that the game is a 2015 3D title and might be difficult to run properly on too old systems (even if those ones can run Heroes III ;)). For optimal rendering, the team would recommend you to use 64 bit OS. Stay tuned for more information on this topic.

3. Beta access

Can’t say right now, but would you like it? :)

4. Add-on

It is too early to confirm whether or not there will be add-ons for Heroes VII since the game still is in development but you all know how a Heroes title lifetime works. If we met success and support, add-ons should come at the right time and with the right content.

5. Collector

Many of you asked us for more information about the MMH7 Collector edition. While you voted for the majority of its content, final design still is a surprise and from what we can tell right now, it is a really exciting edition! Unfortunately that’s all we can say right now but we can assure you that we fought hard to provide a wide distribution channel ;)

6. Will there be a map editor for Heroes VII?

Yes, and more. It is too early for us to share all information on this topic but we are constantly improving our tools and already started to test them with selected M&M VIPs :). Our goal is to provide accessible tools that everybody could use to create maps in a few minutes but also many options and features for power users.

7. Gameplay video

It is true that it has been a while since our last video presentation of the game. We are currently working on videos in order to show you the actual flow of the game and how what we already presented to you really like in engine. It should take us some time to prepare those videos but our aim is to offer at least one video per faction until the release of the game.

8. Next faction reveal?

Someone from Ivan’s family should approach soon to share her knowledge and wisdom.

9. Release date

When it will be finished :) Game development will continue for a few months and then we will enter into the debug and polish period. As soon as this one is complete, the game will be officially released. Our objective didn’t change since Gamescom announcement: 2015.

10. Will there be a revote for Sylvan line-up?

We gave through this website the opportunity to vote for the Sylvan line-up between 3 choices and followed the decision of this vote after removing of duplicate ballots. Due to production planning, a revote wouldn’t have been possible without threatening the end of the development. We decided to go for a 2 step vote for Dungeon in order to answer community recommendations for the following vote. The team already started to work on Sylvan line-up for the game so there won’t be any additional vote for this topic.

11. Will you change the townscreens for new 3D models?

Back in 2006, 3D townscreen implementation was a so-so appreciated feature and it appears that a majority of players preferred us to stick to 2D models. Indeed, even if they were visually impactful, they quickly appeared to be inconvenient and did not offer the same feeling as traditional townscreen management (where you select your building directly and no go through the interface only to make actions). With this in mind, we made the decision to continue in the 2D direction and allow this important part of the budget to secure key features, game launch and support. Actual townscreen still are work in progress but no technology swift will be operated.

12. Will there be unique mounts per faction?

Our objective is to offer a different experience with all Heroes VII Factions through unique characteristics and identities. However, due to production constraints in order to be able to release the game in time and with sufficient polish, we are not able at that time to offer creatures such as elephants as mounts. In addition to new 3D models, the whole mount animation and interaction systems would have to be entirely retaken. However, you might have some surprises in the next few months while discovering upcoming faction mounts. We didn’t say that they will all be simple horses, did we? ;)

We hope this first article offered interesting answers and leads to your questions :) Next part will focus on Production topics, including for example: Offline gaming, map sizes, game pace etc. See you soon Councillors!

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