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Hello Councillors,

Today we are thrilled to announce that MMH7 Closed Beta 2 is now available on Steam & Uplay!

Join the fight and participate to the last beta phase of the title before its release on September 29th!

During this beta you will experience:
  • 4 playable Factions:
Haven   Academy
The Knights and Priests of the Holy Empire worship Elrath, the Dragon God of Light, who grants them magical powers based on his elemental dominion. Their objective is to lead a life worthy of Elrath's ideals of Truth and Purity, to shape the world in his image, and to spread his sacred Light...
  Wizards are proud seekers of knowledge, and subjugators of the natural order. They prize knowledge and research above all, and their great weakness is their desire to seek for these things in places - and in ways - that might be best left unexplored. Intellectually competitive, sybaritic, and Machiavellian, others often find them arrogant and supercilious.
Sylvan   Dungeon
The Elves are graceful and patient souls who live in close harmony with the lands and forests. They are in tune with Sylanna, the Dragon of Earth. Her deliberate nature and ancient wisdom are reflected in their approach to life and worship. They view the forests and living things as their responsibilities, and do not shrink from punishing those who defile them.
  The Dark Elves are underground-dwelling renegades from the Elf forests who have made a pact with the mysterious Faceless. Deadly schemers in the darkness, their whole nation is imprinted by Malassa’s mark. Forced to hear the constant whispers of the world, the Dark Elves know that the border between sanity and madness is very thin… thin like a dagger’s blade.
  • 4 Different maps:
Bad Neighbours (2 players)
  Fire and Blood (3 players)
Enough is enough! This time, your neighbour has gone too far, and you're going to teach him a lesson. Of course, he claims you are the one who is always provoking him and looking for a fight, but you know who is right and who is wrong. You have the means and the cause -- now you only need to find a way to reach his lands...
  The Sahaar desert is one of the most inhospitable regions of Ashan: scorching hot during the days, freezing cold during the nights, with little food and even less water. Yet ancient tales speak of lost mines, relics of forgotten heroes, and Dragon citadels buried under the sand. There are fortunes to be made across the blistering sands -- if one is strong enough to survive their countless trials, of course.
Irresponsible War (8 players)
  The Dried Lands (4 players)
Having found balance and purpose, this land used to be a haven of peace. Then new cities were built, old ones were turned to dust, and the fragile harmony was destroyed forever. Having lost all common sense, eight lords now fight for total domination above and underground.
  Made possible by Titan workers, the great dam of Al-Sadd is one of the great achievements of the Wizards of House Materia.  Its construction -- and the subsequent drying of the southern valleys -- revealed mysterious ruins hidden below the sands of the Sahaar. Unfortunately, their rumoured treasures have attracted all kinds of raiders, conquerors and warmongers seeking to control the Dried Lands by force of arms.

  • Solo mode (Skirmish: Player vs IA) and Multiplayer mode (Skirmish: Players vs IA, Hot Seat, Sim Turn, LAN).

Please keep in mind that the game is still in development and this Beta will be of great use for our team to identify areas of improvements thanks to your feedback. For more information about bug reporting and known issues please refer to the following article and dedicated forums.

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