Beta - Situation Update 05/26/2015 | 558 komentarze

Hello Councillors,

As mentioned yesterday we had to take the difficult decision to delay MMH7’s Beta.
Please refer to the following article for more information:

Despite this announcement, we received a lot of support messages from many of you and we would like to, first of all, take the time to thank you warmly for your understanding and commitment to this franchise.

Today, we come back to share an update on the situation and provide visibility about our next steps.

We are continuously working on this Beta in order to fix the issues identified earlier. We will keep you updated about our progress through this blog. Indeed, we want to provide the best experience possible at every stage of development of your favorite game and we will do our best to solve those issues in the swiftest manner possible.

In the meantime, we’ll postpone the Beta to next week and confirm the exact date next week as well.
Rest assured, your time in Ashan will not suffer from this, as the Beta will still be open for two full weeks.

We believe these measures will enable us to provide you with a great experience for the upcoming Beta.

Yours truly,
The M&M team.
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