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Hello Councillors,

First of all we would like to thank you again for your participation in this second MMH7 closed beta session. This time again, you showed us true expertise and passion towards the Might & Magic franchise and our team will give its best until the end of the month to provide the best Heroes experience.

We received during this Closed Beta 2 a great amount of feedback and we will continue to listen to your inputs to improve the game for release and during post-launch. Among those feedbacks, we identified some key topics we would like to take the time to discuss today.

  • AI
As you may have noticed if you played both Closed Betas, AI have been improved since CB1. But we still have a great amount of work on this very topic. Huge progresses have been made in terms of AI decision making process and we will continue improving it even better in the upcoming weeks. However, the main issue during this CB2 was AI speed, especially in the 8 player’s map where some AI turns could last for up to 6minutes. We are glad to announce we have already reduced this time to 40s (total AI turn) for instance, and we are still working to optimize even further– in case you missed it, Limbic Twitch showcased this improvement We will continue to improve the AI until the very end of the development and will tweak it even during post launch following your feedback.
  • Debugging
This time again you reported a great number of feedback and bugs during this closed Beta. Even if at first sight the numbers can appear quite important, most of them are minor issues that can be easily solved now that the game is content & features complete. Hundreds of bugs are solved every day and the team is now dedicated to this only task to make sure the game is in great shape at the release. We learned our lessons from past Heroes release and will commit ourselves to provide a great support well after the release.
  • Balancing
Now that you had the opportunity to try more factions and content of the game, your feedback has been of great help for us to refine the balancing of the game. Our game designers are currently working on it for the upcoming weeks, but it is also important to keep in mind that we will continue to monitor your inputs after the release to improve it further.
  • Desync
During this Closed Beta, some of you experienced various desync issues while playing in online multiplayer modes. This issue has been identified as one of our top priorities for the studio and we already managed to fix several of them at the time being. We will continue to make tests and work on those issues until the release to make sure you can play the game online in the best conditions.
  • Multiplayer combat-view
Closed Beta 2 allowed you to see your opponent combats while playing in multiplayer modes. Your feedback on this particular feature have been loud and clear and it will be available in the game for the release ONLY as an option.
  • Save issues
Some users reported save issues during CB2 and our team are currently investigating those as part of our top priorities as well
  • Crashes
Game stability has been improved and we will continue to hunt down all memory leaks and instabilities until release and after.

Thank you again for your great passion Councillors, we are looking forward showing you our progress in the upcoming weeks!

The M&M Team.
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